Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two new favorite blogs

I have recently discovered 2 new blogs that you absolutely must visit.  I have described them below but I just started following them so my descriptions may be a tad off.

Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour is a cooking/decor blog.  I have never met/talked to the girl that writes this but I can absolutely hear her talking when reading it.  Between the "ya'll"s and "pinky promise me you will try this", when reading you will feel like she is your long lost friend.  I made a absolutely delish dish this week and got the recipe from her blog (found off Pintrest).  Check it out! 

Bleubird Vintage - Yep, you read that right its bleubird, not bluebird.  I found this blog because the writers of this blog contacted about renting some LindseysWhimsys goodies for their wedding.  I am so happy they contacted me because I really wish I was about 25% like them.  The blog focuses on fashion, their family, and all things vintage.  Its a bit hippy but its so pretty and and nice you probably will want to be at least 25% hippy too!  The photos included in the posts are SO pretty and artistic.  After reading pages after pages of this blog, I am positive (for now) that when I have kids I want them to have all vintage toys, clothes and more.  Check it out when you get a chance!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Free Baby Gift Idea - TODAY ONLY

I have blogged about Plum District, a daily deal site like groupon, before and today there is a really great FREE deal you can snag ASAP. This deal is over at midnight or until they sell out so move fast!  (it seriously only takes about 5 minutes)

You can get the "Like Book" totally free. It's a pretty neat concept, every day you write something about your kid that you like... whether is someting sweet, not so sweet, or funny they did, its just a journal for you to write about them.  They are supposed to build kids self esteem by telling them how much you like them.

I ordered one today for a friend that is a new mom and think it would be a great edition to a baby gift.  They also have couples books that would be a cool engagement gift for a couple.

Anyway, here is how to get it TOTALLY free, including shipping.

1. Sign up for Plum District using this link and get $5 in referral dollars.  (if you signed up before when I posted it and did not buy anything you should have $10 in referral dollars still).
2. Enter "enjoy10" as a extra promo code (you can either enter this when you sign up or when youcheck out) for an extra $10 that is good today only
3. Either click the "Everywhere" tab on the tool bar, then click "everywhere" for the location.   Scroll to almost the bottom and you will find the "I Like" books for $12.  Click on it. 
or... do steps 1 & 2, come then come back here and click this link.

4. Click "make it mine".  Your total bill should be $0 once the $10 credit and $5 referral credit is added (plus you will have $3 for your next purchase here).

Once you buy it click on "my account" then my deals.  View the deal, copy the funny code at the top, and go to the website included in the deal info to order your book.  You can choose the color you want here. 

As I always say, free shopping is my favorite!  Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New LindseysWhimsys Website!

I am SO excited about this blog post.  I have been working on a new website for LindseysWhimsys rentals and paper products for a while now and am finally ready to share it with all of you!

Please visit the new website and let me know what you think (or if you see any errors!).  

In honor of Thanksgiving and to show my thanks for LindseysWhimsys overwhelming success thus far, I will be offering a 15% discount to all contracts over $100 that are booked by November 30, 2011.  In order to get the discount, please tell me something that you are thankful for when contacting me about rentals.

*** My thanks go to Holli C. and Lauren M. for their mad editing skills.  You guys are the best!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pesto time... finally!

First I must apologize for the long delay in pesto instructions.  I finally made the pesto myself this afternoon.  It takes about an hour to make plus any freeze time you need.  I apologize in advance that I will sound a bit like your grandmother giving you recipe instructions - nothing is exact, its all about the look and taste and texture.  I know there are precise recipes elsewhere with specific instructions but this is not that recipe.  

My "Italian family"... 6 years later (this picture was taken while they vacationed in Norway)

I was blessed to have the amazing opportunity to spend the summer as an au pair in Italy in 2004.  While there I lived with a great family and I got this recipe from my Italian mom, Mara.  I fell in love with her pesto while I was there so about a week before I left them I finally got her to teach me how to make pesto for myself.  Ever since then, I have made pesto just about every summer - for the summers that I did not make it I ALSO regret it about mid January.

I used to make my pesto and keep in in 1 bowl in the freezer and I would chip away enough for my meal.  This was inefficient at best.  Since then, I bought a silicon ice cube tray with small holders (they are about 1/3 the size of regular ice cubes).  I then freeze my pesto in the ice cube tray and store them all together in one freezer safe tubberware container.  When I am ready for pesto, I pop out one pesto cube, pour some olive oil on it to help it defrost then add my pasta... wala, you are left with fresh tasting pasta outside of the growing season.  

Ingredients - 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh Basil Leaves - around 3 big handfuls
about 4 oz. Pine Nuts
a small handful of shelled pecans (or walnut)
Rock Salt (about 2 pinches... is pinches a word?)
about 3-4 cloves of garlic
Parmesan Cheese - the block kind, not the grated kind... enough to make the pesto have the right amount of whiteness.  (I know these ingredients are not precise but you are just going for the right color and texture)

First pick your basil leaves - take off the stems and any flowers that are on your plants
I take about 2-3 big handfuls.  When I put them loosely in a 12 cup bowl, the leaves filled about 3/4 the bowl

Rinse - sand loves to stick to basil leaves so give them a good rinse 

One the basil leaves are free of stems, sand and flowers put them aside.

Cut your garlic cloves and parmesan into a couple pieces to make them easier for your food processor to chop
Add them to your food processor
Add some olive oil - probably about 2 tsp, I just turn my jar over twice.  You just want to make the ingredients wet.

Start the food processor.  You want the ingredients to get to the consistency of... hmmm.... smaller than crushed ice from Sonic but bigger then boxed bread crumbs.  

Add the nuts, basil, and rock salt. You will probably have to use a spatula or knife to get the basil to mix in... if you see it not chopping, just stop it, use a spatula or dull knife and push the basil down.

Chop it until it's a consistent texture.  You do not want to puree it, but it should be like a paste.  If its too crumbly add a little olive oil until it is a thick paste.  

The color should be about 50/50 green and white. If its too green as some parmesan.  If its too white add some basil.

This is too crumbly and too green.  Add some oil and parm.

Just right!

Taste it and make sure you like what you mixed.  If you need to add anything do it now.

You could either eat this freshly made over pasta with a little olive oil but I prefer to freeze it and eat it over winter.  

I think the very best way to freeze it is to use a silicon ice cube tray (do not use hard plastic, you want to be able to pop these guys out easily).  I only have 1 tray so I freeze in at least 2 phases, sometimes three.  Place the tray in the freezer until its hard, add the cubes to a freezer safe tubberware container (it can be pretty small).  

Pesto Cubes!

Then its the yummy time!  When you are ready to eat some just pop one cube out, add a little olive oil and it should be soft by the time your pasta is done boiling.  

I personally love to eat my pesto with cheese ravioli (I buy the cheap frozen bags at WalMart) or plain pasta with tomatoes.  Sometimes I add that imitation crab or lobster meat but not usually.  The husband is not very into meatless Mondays (or anydays for that matter) so I through grilled chicken breast into his when I make a super easy dinner for us.  

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

PS - Thank you so much Mara for the DELICIOUS recipe! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I always wait until the very last minute to make my pesto for the year... and according to the news, today is perhaps the absolute last possible minute.  It may frost tonight so if you have basil plants, pick the branches/leaves off and tomorrow (or later tonight) I will post a easy recipe for making this delightful sauce!

I learned to make pesto from Mara, the mom of the Italian family I lived with over the summer a couple years ago.  Every since then, it has been a must make for me every year.

I make a ton of pesto every year and freeze it in small silicon ice cube trays.  1 of the cubes is the perfect portion for a single serving of pesto.  


Monday, November 7, 2011

New Kitchen/Breakfast Area Piece

A constant struggle I have had since moving into my house a couple years ago is kitchen storage space.  There just are not enough cabinets and drawers!

This problem was alleviated quite a bit when the handy hubby added shelves to my laundry area, making it quasi pantry space... But I still needed (i.e. wanted) more (I know, who doesn't though!).

I was put in charge of finding a narrow furniture piece that was short and had somewhat of an airy feeling to it.  I was not successful (the husband does not really get that I can't just go to a garage sale and find a specific product).  We wanted to put it against the wall in the breakfast room but did not want it to cover up the window in the room.  We did this previously and it just didn't work.

Side Note : We have a pretty big table in this room that is NOT leaving my house - it was rescued from an abandoned building years ago by my Grandma and renovated.  When she redid her kitchen a couple years ago the table did not have a place to call home so she gifted it to me. (hence the need for a narrow piece).

When we did the furniture shuffle a couple weekends ago, this bookshelf was going to be moved into craft room... then we realized with some paint it could look neat and accomplish our goals of additional storage in the kitchen.  Its tall but its completely open so we thought it shouldn't cause a problem blocking the window.  

Originally we went to WalMart and go Krylon Primer + Paint in one... for the high price for $4.97 a can - outrageous in my opinion.  

We decided to stop by my trusty dollar store to see if there was paint there we could use.  We snagged some cans of super pale green (of course, I am pretty sure green is the only paint color I ever buy) - the actual shade it honeydew melon.  The final cost?  $1.15 a can!  WAY better than WalMart!

After a wipe down, we painted the entire thing green...

Then we brought it inside and realized it looked funny because of the high shelves.  We decided to remove the upper level shelves.  This is not a normal furniture piece, it has a ton of nuts and bolts and little pieces.  Removing the top levels was a little more difficult than expected... but we did it.

I really like it now, it provide the perfect amount of space for some of my excess kitchen items.

What do you think?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pretty cool kids Christmas gift idea! Only $12!!!

Today Plum District (a daily deal website like groupon) has a pretty neat deal for folks with kiddos.  For $12 (including shipping), you can get 2 personalized Disney books with your kids name, town, birthday, etc. incorporated into the story!  They have a boys package (featuring Cars) and a girls package (featuring princesses).  

This is one of those books that your child keeps forever.   I remember my little sister getting a personalized book for her birthday (or maybe Christmas) and I was SO jealous!

The actual cost is $22 but sign up here and get a $10 referral credit.  Pretty sweet deal I think and would be a great Christmas gift!  I think this deal is for one day only so sign up fast!

By the way, the $10 credit is reduced to $5 on 11/7/11 so you will want to use it fast (if you decide not to get the books).

Monday, October 31, 2011

10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy

Today my SIL (sister-in-law) Jamie, featured the 10 things (plus a few extra) that make me terribly happy on her blog, J+K!  Check it out
If you aren't following Jamie's blog, you really should.  She is very witty and between new house projects, running out of gas while driving, or hosting a mustache party, she's always got a good story to tell... and has great pictures to go along with it!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Upstairs Furniture Shuffle!

My husband works on averages of 6.5 days out of the week - fortunately a lot of this work is done in our "home office" so he is not an absentee spouse.  I do crafty projects on average of once every one or two weeks (if I am lucky).  In our home I have a craft room... he has a little desk in room that shares space with a guest bed and my bookshelf.  It was not the most balanced situation (although I have been on the benefiting end so I did not mind too much).

(the little desk in the office)

I am not the neatest person ever and so my craft room tends to get a bit... cluttered to put it mildly.  After several discussions on the subject, we decided to do the furniture shuffle.  The big desk that I used for sewing and storage moved to the home office.  Also moving to this room is the printer, copier, and various office supplies currently being housed in my craft room.  
(the "big" desk... in my messy craft room)

(the big desk in the clean office)

The bookshelf is undergoing a paint renovation and will be relocated to a new home... (hopefully) to be announced later this week!  (I am pretty excited about it).
(the bookshelf... clean for the first time since I got it!)

I will be adding shelves and rearranging my craft room.  My books (I have WAY too many books) will have to find homes in my craft room (except for a couple collectibles which we will keep on a pretty shelve in the office).  

(I have WAY too many books)

My craft room needs a MAJOR clean up and reorganization.  This is okay - I can handle it.  I know I am super blessed to have a room solely for my projects and it should be a neat workable space so creative juices can flow freely.   

(craft room missing the big desk... this is where we plan for more shelves to go)

Meanwhile, framed pictures were moved to various rooms and minor projects were accomplished.  It was a very productive weekend night!  What do you think?  Any suggestions on good craft room organizational planning?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Come to The Ark this Sunday!!!

Since 2008, my husband and I have attended The Ark Church in Conroe.  We LOVE this church...  so much so that we have said if we ever move move we want to be close enough to be able continue going to The Ark.  

The church seems to have an amazing children and youth programs, is casual (khaki shorts or jeans on Sunday are no problem), has great worship team and an amazing preacher.  They also bring in fantastic speakers and musical artist.

This next Sunday, October 30, Natalie Grant, an award winner singer, will be performing at both the 9:30 AM and 11:15 AM services.  She has some really great songs out now and it will be a treat to watch her live.  

Here is a video of her hit song, I Will Not Be Moved.

Whether you are looking for a church home, want a one time change on Sunday, or need encouragement, please consider coming to The Ark this Sunday!  

If you want to meet up so you have someone to sit with, please let me know!  We go to the 11:15 service.

450 Humble Tank Road
Conroe, TX 77304

I really hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another (2) items off the bathroom to do list!

This past weekend the hubby painted the framed mirror in our bathroom white - item number  3 on my bathroom do over to do list!  

We replaced the regular mirror our house came with with a brown framed mirror.  At the time it was a big upgrade and we really liked it.  Then... I painted the bathroom and we decided the brown mirror no longer fit with the rooms decor. 

After putting tape and paper on the edge of the mirror, we spray painted and wala, two coats later its done!

He also added knobs to the cabinets (these knobs cost $1 for 10 at a garage sale a couple months back).

For such a small, easy fix it really made a change to the room.  

2 things down, 4 to go!  Still shooting for a pre 2012 completion to this project...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun Garage Sale Find!

I feel like a 7 year old posting this... but I had such an exciting garage sale find this weekend!  

A Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker!  Its the shape of a ball, you fill it with ingredients and shake it, toss it, roll it, then eat the yumminess in it!  Best of all, it was totally brand new, still in the box, and cost $1.00!  

It makes 1 pint and although we have not tried it yet, it came with some pretty great recipes that I am pretty sure will be tasty and enjoyed on the back porch.

Do you have any yummy homemade ice cream recipes to share?  Have you every used one of these balls?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Could it be true? A Painted bathroom!

A while back I posted about my unpainted bathroom, a project that I could never get started.  Well as of today, its another project (halfway) crossed off my to-do list!  If you will recall, my master bath was very blah and not a happy room for me.  

After an amazing garage sale weekend, the bathroom project seemed to come to the top of my project list because I found everything needed for a bathroom redo for LESS THAN $5.

Except the project never happened.  All the components sat for several weeks in the bathroom corner, staring at me, begging for me to use them.  I finally decided to do something about it - nope, I did not start painting, instead I tried to shame myself into painting by posting about my serious procrastination on the project.  I really wanted to paint... but I had a trip to see my sister in the works, a wedding, and tons of other much better things to do.  

Well everything changed this past Friday.  In an effort to procrastinate on another project (i.e. work), I decided it was time to get out my paint brush and get to work.

In case you are wondering, it takes forever to paint a bathroom.  There was a ton of edges, corner, etc.  I did my first coat and was pretty proud of myself.  

My husband (who spent the day actually working) came home and said "it looks good but... [ uggh, the dreaded but!] I'll need to touch it up later".  That is exactly what I did not want to happen.  I love my husbands help, but he is really busy with work right now and he frankly does not have time for me to add a random project to his list.

I planned to let the paint dry and do touch ups the next day.  Then Saturday came and it was time for Aggie football...  then that night we had an event to attend.  I figured I would work on it Sunday.  But Sunday I was pretty tired from the event the night before and frankly, Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, right?!?!?!

To clarify, this entire time everything from out bathroom has been moved into our bedroom.  The mirror, the trashcan, the furniture pieces, etc.  EVERYTHING.  

Finally on Tuesday (4 days later... pretty pathetic, I know) I decided to actually finish the project - at least the painting portion.  I did some paint touch ups and brought in the bathroom necessities.  I let the hubby move the furniture piece back in later because it was too heavy.

I think the blue looks nice but I would really love to add a stencil like Carol at Giddings Lane did here - .  

I am so in love with this paint job she did!  

We also want to paint the mirror white so the entire room is blue and white and Joe is convienced we need to get rid of the furniture piece.  I do not disagree, I just am not sure where all my stuff will go.

To sum up the list of to-do's I still need to accomplish to actually wrap up the project:
  • Add a pattern to the walls
  • Find a different place for storage, remove white furniture piece
  • Paint mirror
  • Change or fix the light fixture
  • Apply my vinyl wall quote
Fingers crossed this project is finished before 2012!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

One Kings Lane :: Ideas for Using Free $15 Credit!

Yesterday I posted about a free $15 credit to One Kings Lane - if you signed up and are looking for $15 or less options, you should totally check out the Zak Designs store!  I found several kitchen items between $10 and $25 items.  The items are very cool looking, bright colored and would be perfect for a bright kitchen or even a graduation gift for a soon to be college student!

I'll keep on the lookout for other cheap options and let you know if I find anything especially great!

If you haven't signed up for One Kings Lane, do so now so you can get a free $15 credit!

Full disclaimer - if you sign up using my link and buy something, I will get a $15 credit... but if you refer someone and they buy something you can get a $15 credit too!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

One Kings Lane Free $15 Credit!

I just found One Kings Lane, another daily deal site like Groupon.  They seem to have upscale home goods... most of the stuff I have found is very pretty but out of my price range.  

They have had some items (kitchen bowls, napkin holder, ect) that are around $10.  That is a pretty super price because right now they are offering a free $15 credit to anyone that signs up for their website.  That means FREE goodies - and shopping for free is my favorite kind of shopping!  

I am hanging onto my credit for a little while until I find something I really like - but there is not guarantee that the credit will be available much longer... so sign up now!

Frequently these daily deal sites will offer $10 credits; when I see these I always sign up... several I have not used but its always good to have the free credits just in case!

Click HERE to get your $15 credit! 

What did you find on the site?

Thanks MyLitter!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Frustrating Shopping Experience.

I just wrote a book long post about a extremely frustrating experience at HEB.  I decided not to post it because it was purely a rant that provided absolutely no useful information to my readers, much less positive information.  Instead I am allowing myself to rant... just in a much shorter format.

Needless to say, I hate shopping there.  I avoid it, then about every other month I get suckered back to the store with the allure of a good deal.  The good deal rarely pans out because they have a confusing coupon policy that they can't figure out (even if you are in the right).  They aisles are crowed with oversized shopping carts, families with a billion kids out of control, and really slow walkers.  I end up leaving the store angry I tried to like it again because of a good deal.  I don't like HEB. 

Am I crazy that 5 hours after leaving the store I still find myself frustrated when I think about it?  Do you have any store that drive you completely batty?  Do you give them a second chance and, if so, do you routinely regret it?

Sweetest Day = Sweet Deal!

I just read that the 3rd Saturday of October is designated as the "Sweetest Day"... 

Wikipedia says this day "offers all of us an opportunity to remember husbands, boyfriends, the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed". Sounds a bit like valentines day but I am happy to join in the celebration!

Lindseys Whimsys is celebrating the Sweetest Day this year by offering a 15% discount* on all Lindseys Whimsys rentals that are booked or stationary that is requested by October 22, 2012 (I am adding a week because I just discovered this fun holiday).  Just mention "The Sweetest Day" when you email and you can get this sweet deal!

If you haven't checked out Lindseys Whimsys rentals, please do so and tell a friend!  these are perfect pieces for just about any special occasion.  You can also get custom made, personalized stationary from Lindseys Whimsys as well!  

Happy Sweet Day!   How do you plan to celebrate?

*Minimum rental of $75 required for discount.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Couponing at Target!

I LOVE Target... who doesn't though?!?!?  That being said, I always found it to be a bit more expensive so I never did grocery type shopping there.  However, my favorite couponing blogs regularly post great deals  at Target so I decided to dive in... and I have been WAY surprised by the fantastic deals out there.

Few things to note regarding Target:
- You can stack coupons at Target to get super great deals.  Stacking is when you take use both a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon for big savings
- Printable Target Coupons are here.  You can print up to two of each coupon... just select the coupons you want, print, and repeat the process... voila two of each coupon printed. I tend to print most coupons, even those I do not think I will use because they may match up perfectly with a manufacturers coupon or a clearance sale at Target
- Target regularly has coupons for clothes ($4 of kids jeans, $3 off ladies shirts, etc.)
- You can get Target mobile coupons texted to your phone.  I have found that these coupons are higher value then the printable store coupons.   At check out, just pull up the link from your text message and the cashier will scan your phone for the coupons.

Last night I went to Target and got the following:

2- Clorox Stain Fighting Pens 
2- Quaker Chewy bars 
2- Pretzel M&M's 9.9oz 
4- Hunts tomatoes cans
2 - Extra Gum packs
2 - Tic Tacs
1 - Transformers toy
1- Mabelline lip gloss
1 - Neutrogena face wash bar
2-  whisker Lickin's cat treats
1- Olay Regenerist face wash clothes

Retail cost: $48.57

Combining manufacturer coupons, Target printable coupons, Target Mobile coupons and clearance items I paid: $12.69

That is a total savings of $35.88... Pretty good shopping I think!

A few other things of note:
- I took advantage of some crazy good deals... but please note I only got 1-4 of each item.  I am totally against shelve clearing... let everyone save!
- At checkout, the younger guys are usually way easier to check out with then older men or old women (the older people tend to not be as coupon friendly).  Check out with a younger guy or a younger girl if at all possible when couponing (this is a pretty good rule of thumb anywhere, not just at Target... men couponers you should also follow this rule of thumb!!!

To find great Target deals, I follow these blogs:

Where have you found your best couponing deals?  Any surprising finds?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy 31 Anniversary!

Happy 31th anniversary Billie and TC!  31 years and 1 day ago you tied the not.

In a day when lasting marriages are a rarity, you are a great example of a loving marriage with a foundation in Christ for me and Joe.

Thank you, love you, and congratulations!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thoughts on Couponing

I started couponing about a year or two ago and it has been a blessing, headache, and job rolled into one.  Couponing just makes sense for me - its free money offered to you by manufacturers to encourage you to buy their products - plus I have time to do it.  With coupons you can get name brand products for must less than the cost of even the lowest quality store brand. 

I hate paying full price for an item and always kick myself when I go to the store without my coupon folder (you never know what you will find on clearance that you have a coupon for).  I take advantage of free offers by shopping at drug stores and highly encourage others to do the same. I have personally left CVS paying pennies for lots of goodies.

That all being said, I HATE the way the shoppers on TLC's Extreme Couponing behave.  I believe they take advantage of the system, make normal couponers look bad, and frankly are very selfish and hoarders.  I do not see the need for having a hundreds years work of soup in your basement... it just seems very wrong.  Shelf clearers are the worst (if you watch the show or coupon, you know what I am talking about).

Anyway, I follow a handful of blogs to help me with my couponing, one of which (and my favorite) is My Litter.  Tiffany, the blogs author is actually from The Woodlands (near my town), and was on Extreme Couponing.  She and her family were one of the first families featured and the ONLY normal family on this show in my opinion.  Tiffany just did an article on the show (Extreme Couponing) and its a pretty good read if you are interested in the show and want to know "how they do that".

A couple notes on couponing:
- It takes time and effort
- You don't have to run yourself crazy to every store in town to get a good deal.  The deal will come up again soon, just be patient. 
- When there is a good deal on a product you like, and you have matching coupons, buy enough to last 3 months... Products go on sale in cycles so take advantage of the low price while its available
- Keep all your coupons, event those for things you don't necessary want.  You never know when you will run across an item that is totally free... you can easily donate this item to a non-profit.
- Make sure you read the fine print on sales paper and you buy exactly the right product otherwise your coupons won't work or you will pay more than you expect
- You don't have to find the deals all by yourself.  Check out couponing websites and they can tell you what to buy, where to buy it, and what coupons to use.  Two of my favorite couponing sites are: My Litter and Krazy Coupon Lady.  Let them do the work for you.
- If stores in your area double or triple coupons you are lucky (none do in my area) and you should TOTALLY take advantage of it!
- Finally, drugstores typically offer the very best deals.  CVS is my absolute favorite place to shop.  It seems expensive if you do not coupon but if you coupon, use your rewards card, and plan your shopping trip you can get stuff super cheap.

For more shopping tips and to read about one of my best shopping trips ever at CVS read this post.  

Good luck shopping, save some money and USE YOUR COUPONS (just don't be crazy about it please!).  What are your couponing strategies and tips?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Visiting Megan

This weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting my little sister, Megan, and her new husband, John, at their home in Louisiana.  It was a super fun weekend and this loft style apartment is VERY cool... I have a little bit of house envy!
This is taken from the upstairs loft portion.

This picture was taken after we brought a tornado of mess inside... it was spotless when we arrived.

Because of the limited storage space, Meggo has been pretty creative with some of her storage... apparently this closet housing the AC vent is the ideal temperature for wine!  

A little cuter version of creative storage is this - I love the mugs hanging on a display plate rack!  Super cute and so smart!

This old frame is really cute to display photos in.  She actually hung the frame from the back and attached the ribbon just to make it cuter.