Wednesday, April 17, 2013

7 months Febrary

I've been really wanting to blog lately but... Life had been really busy lately. It reminds me of John Mayer's song 3x5... Basically I wish you could have been there to see all the great memories being made instead of relying on me to tell them but... I'll do my best.

Mallie turned 7 - and 8 - months old. I am going to split the months into two separate postings though.

She's becoming a little lady. Really, we are seeing her become a girl and it's amazing to watch. 

Her big accomplishment in February (from month 6 -7) was eating big people food(ie puréed food I steam every week or so). 

She accepted grown up food pretty well but struggled with avocado (I'm not going to lie when she made a face after having her first bite of creamy yumminess I questioned her  authenticy as a Texan. Since then, her love for natures version of butter has grown quite a bit.  Anyway, besides avacodo she also struggled with chicken. But she did love sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, summer squash and  broccoli.

She also started flipping from her tummy to her back to reach toys.  This made diaper changing a
struggle.  .

This is the last month she was able to sit in the bumbo - she bucks out of it and its a bit of a safety hazard

 Her laughs grew bigger, she cries louder and her smiles contagious.