Tuesday, December 25, 2012

11th day of Christmas

On the 11 day of Christmas my Mallie helped spread the spirit of Christmas with caroling with the Cowboy Church. Mallie hung out with aunt Megan and uncle John, uncle Kyle and aunt Jamie and BeBe and Grandpa Jimbo.

We had a fun family night filled with dinner and games. Mallie was a great sport even though we confirmed the poor baby has an ear infection and started her on antibiotics.

Monday, December 24, 2012

10th day of Christmas

On the 10th day of Christmas my Mallie Bear went to Cowboy Church, explored an excersaucer (she a bit too small but seemed to like it), laughed at uncle Kyle and aunt Jamie and had an heart to heart with her BeBe.

She is still a bit sick so all she wants for Christmas is to feel better and for her stuffy nose to go away!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

9th day of Christmas

On the 9th day of Christmas my sweet Mallie didn't feel so good. Thankfully her stuffy nose and fever hit the same day we got to BeBe and Grandpa Jimbo's so they were able to love on her and help her feel better. She pretty much spent the entire day sleeping... Until that evening when we went to Silver Wings for the Roger Creager concert!

Friday, December 21, 2012

8th day of Christmas

On the 8th day of Christmas my Mallie celebrated Grandpa TC's birthday with him and her MeMe.

She also celebrated the start of a break from work for mommy and daddy!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

7th day of Christmas

On the 7th day of Christmas my Mallie spent the day with her Daddy...

And I forgot to take more pictures of her...

5 days until Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

6th day of Christmas

On the 6th say of Christmas my Mallie was double trouble... Errr cuteness with future BFF Monroe.

5th day of Christmas

On the 5th day of Christmas my sweet Mallie spent the day with her future BFF Monroe and my good friend Denise. She seemed to have a great time! Thanks Denise!

Monday, December 17, 2012

4th day of Christmas

On the 4th day of Christmas my sweet Mallie learned the art of the fake cough... She apparently heard me or Mr. Whimsy cough and mimicked it. I thought it was a real cough and was worried my sweet baby was getting sick right before Christmas so she got lots of extra cuddles today.

I finally realized she was faking it (in large part thanks to my mom) and her big giggles throughout the day. Note- I don't think she actually thought hmmm let's trick mom, I think it was just a trick she learned and liked to repeat. Regardless, I fell for it!

On another note, I am so excited Christmas and family time is almost here! Can't wait to see my non Texas siblings and their spouses :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

3rd day of Christmas

On the 3rd day of Christmas my sweet spent time at the Ark Church nursery with Ms. Kerri. We love The Ark!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

2nd day of Christmas

On the 2nd day if Christmas my sweet Mallie spent time cuddling with mommy and daddy. We ended the evening with a story.

We are blessed to have our little girl and our hearts break for those that have lost loved ones and are hurting right now.

Friday, December 14, 2012

1st day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my Mallie said to me... I'm not done buying presents for under the tree!

Seeing Santa

Two weekends ago we took Mallie to see the all important man in red... Santa! She was fine sitting on his lap being held by him.  It was past bedtime so she was all out of smiles for the day though!

Before we went to see Santa we went to a local Christmas Parade.  Mallie is not a big fan of fire truck sirens or marching bands right now... but she does like the bright lights (especially if they flash)!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

First "Real" Food

Mallie had her first taste of "real" food tonight!  She had 4 tsp of rice cereal and ate about half of it.  She seemed pretty unimpressed but I don't think that will last too long!  My sweet baby is growing up FAST!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Skipping Fall

Much like the Texas weather, I have decided that this year I am skipping fall.  As in my home is, and will remain, void of all things orange, harvest yellow, and other fall-y colors.  I simply do not have time to decorate with the fast forward state that my life has been in lately.  To be honest its my least favorite season (along with winter once Christmas is over).  Plus this way I can decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over guilt free.  Anyone with me???

Fingers cross that during this season-less time period I will find some time to post more picture of my sweet baby girl and the fun things she has been up to lately!  Happy fall... Day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Something's In the Water!

UPDATE:: This post had two errors.  First, my sister is due in March, not April.  Sorry Meggo!  Also, a sweet friend of mine (and Mr. Whimsy) is also due. Stephanie and her hubby just found out they will be having a little boy.  Woohoo!  Stephanie is due in February and we can't wait to meet him.  Sorry Stephanie!  

A couple post ago I linked to my sisters new blog announcing she is pregnant and due in April.  

Since her big news, my cousin Kristin (of the re-booted Blue Jeans and Boots) announced she was pregnant.  Actually, her son (my Godson) Colt did - and not just in the picture on her blog.  Right before my Mallie was dedicated and we were waiting in a quiet room Colt sweetly piped up with a "Lindsey, my mommy has a baby in her belly".  Everyone but Kristin and her husband Jared heard and immediately turned to them awaiting confirmation.  It was a priceless moment that I believe Kristin had hoped would happen a little later.  Nonetheless, congrats Kreneks!!!

I also just found out super cute Heidi of Reese's Pieces is pregnant with her second baby.  Heidi's daughter Reese is adorable (frankly the entire family is good looking!) and I know the new addition will be just as sweet.
Me, Heidi and Reese at my wedding 

Friday, October 12, 2012

2 Month Doctors Visit

This morning my sweet Mallie had her 2 month appointment... which included shots.  I was not so excited about it beforehand and Mallie wasn't too excited afterwards.  

Before the shots, we got her latest developmental numbers:

Weight - 12 pounds, 5 oz., 75%   (last month, 10 pounds - 60%)
Length - 22.25 inches, 30%          (last month, 20.25 inches - 25%)
Head - 16 inches, 90%                  (last month, 15.5 inches - 90%)

So basically she is still a short chubster with a large head... in our eyes, perfect! 

And then it was time for the shots - 

Before the shot all was well.  Even after the first shot Mallie was still pretty happy.

After shot number 2, also known as "Momma's heart wrencher" (my knickname for it, not a medically recognized term in case you were wondering).

And back at home in the swing.  She says hello!

I was a bit worried Mallie would be fussy for several days after the shots based on what I read beforehand.  Thankfully my girl is a trooper and she has just been sleepy and not at all fussy.  Have I mentioned what a good baby she is?

Anyway, all is well according to the doctor.  Praise Jesus!

I am a bit tardy on a couple must post posts.  Check back soon for pictures of:
- Mallie's Sip and See (probably the most adorable baby girl party I have ever been to)
- Mallie's dedication

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mallie's 2 Months Old!

My sweet baby girl is two months old!  I can't believe how time has passed so quickly!  

The picture is a bit blurry but she was smiling a bit in this one and I think that better reflects her current accomplishments... she is smiling more and more everyday.  

I have said it before but Mallie is a GREAT baby!  She rarely cries just for crying sake - usually she only cries because she is hungry and her Momma isn't feeding her fast enough.  In fact, this past weekend my Dad asked if she was always "this good" or if there was something in the Brenham air that was getting her to behave.  I was very thankful to tell him that it was normal for her to be such a good, happy baby.

She is routinely sleeping for 5-6 hours at night which is fantastic and I am really thankful for.  Of course she still has her nights where she wakes up every 3 hours but those are becoming more and more rare.  The past week or we we have been trying to gett on a bedtime routine but so far that has not been a huge success, mostly because our schedule has been so inconsistent lately.  

She is getting better and better at holding her head up but sometimes its just too heavy for her neck... she does have a pretty large head  is pretty young so I guess that is to be expected.

Mallie loves to cuddle and ball up when being held - she scrunches her legs up and becomes a ball.

Mr./Daddy Whimsy has been staying with Mallie while I go to work and has brought her with him to a couple meetings and luncheons he has to go to for work.  So far she has done great in these meetings.  Speaking of doing great, she still has not fussed enough while in the church nursery for us to be called out of the grown up church service.  Mr. Whimsy says its only a matter of time but we shall see!

This time last month I was still pretty unsure about who little Mallie would stay with when Daddy Whimsy couldn't bring her to work with him.  The sweet girl we met in the church nursery the first day Mallie went said her mom, a former preschool teacher, was looking for something to do part time to keep her busy.  We introduced her and Mallie to each other and it has been a really great match.  Mallie has stayed with Mrs. Dorothy a handful of times and seems to be doing really well with it.  I am happy there because Mallie gets lots of attention and love from Mrs. Dorthy.  We are praising Jesus for that match and introduction!  Its really helped me go back to work without a ton of stress.

I will do a blog post about our super adorable, fun and jam packed weekend... I just need to find a few minutes...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mascaras Packed

This morning my cheeks have been a bit tear stained... had to leave this sweet girl and head back to work.  

Sleepyhead Mallie just before I left

Thankfully she gets to stay with her Daddy, and my Mr. Whimsy, but leaving was still pretty hard.  Now its noon and I'm, doing better... so long as no one asks me how I am doing!  I've got my mascara and a set of glasses packed just in case though.

I've been praying for strength and have been blessed with works of encouragement and humor from friends and family.  Thank you.  5 hours + travel time till I'm back home with my love.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Daily Grind Begins Anew...

My days of empty schedules and endless cuddling with my sweet baby girl are slowing coming to an end... I go back to work on Tuesday - and I am a bit heartbroken about leaving my love for a full 8-5 plus travel to and fro.  

A bit of background information - When I considered applying for my current position with my employer earlier this year, I knew I was pregnant.  I honestly did not think about having leaving my baby-to-be behind until a couple days before my interview... then I reconsidered my interest in the job altogether.  After much prayer and discussion, I decided that I would disclose my pregnancy in my interview... and also say that in order for me to accept the job (if it were to be offered) some pretty specific needs of mine would need to be met.  I felt at peace with this and knew that if it was the right position, and employer, then God would take care of the rest.  I prayed that God would give me the right words to say when making my requests during my interview, and that God would open the ears of my interviews and make them open to a creative work arrangement.  Mr. Whimsy and I agreed that if it was God's will then it would happen, and they would be receptive to my needs, and if they weren't, then it was not the right situation for our family.

I got a call a couple days later with a job offer that more than met my needs.  God had a better plan for our family than even I could imagine.

I accepted the job, and until my maternity leave, have enjoyed the position, the challenges and the work/home life balance it has provided me.

Fast forward to last week... in the middle of church, I realized that I only had 12 days until I left my baby and I couldn't help but shed a few tears.  Since then, at the mere mention of going back to work I tear up.  I have been really struggling with letting go to say the least.  I know going back to work is the right thing to do but gosh darn-it, its going to be tough.  

In full disclosure, I will be able to work from home two days out of the week and Mr. Whimsy will be able to stay will Mallie for the majority of the other three days, at least at the beginning.  The days he can't keep her or has to go out of town he will try and bring her to one of our parents house, and if that is not an option, we found a really sweet lady at our church, The Ark, that will keep her as needed.  So, I know I do not have it as bad as many moms that go back to work and have to bring their baby to a day care... but still, letting go is really hard for me.  


When I finished typing the above, I got up to cook dinner... and I had a revelation of sorts, and since I already wrote the above, I figured I would continue to share.  Here goes:   Going back to work and leaving Mallie is going to be hard, really, really hard.  That being said, when I accepted my position, I prayed long and hard about whether or not it was right for me and my family.  I was offered more than I expected when offered the job; it was obvious to me and Mr. Whimsy it was very much God, not merely man at work making the arrangements.  God would not have set up the perfect situation for me in order for me to fail once I got to the finish line (with the finish line being the time I go back to work).  

SO, in conclusion, I know that: 1. God's fingerprints are on my work arrangement and 2. God wants what is best for my family. So, following through with my work arrangement is what is best for my family.  As a Believer, I have to trust that, and my actions have to reflect that.  That does not mean it will be easy but, for now, I know its right.  

This week as I prepare to "let go" and next week as I actually head off to work are going to be huge struggles for me.  I would truly appreciate your prayers for strength, faith and wisdom as I take these next steps.  If any of you super moms have suggestions or advice for me I would REALLY love to hear it!

Until the big day, I am going to get as many lazy morning snuggles in as possible... who can blame me with this girl being my snuggle partner???

Monday, September 10, 2012

Megans Merry Go Round

My baby sister Megan just started a blog... Megans Merry Go Round... 

and she started it with some big news that my Mallie is pretty excited about!  Check it out - I promise you don't want to miss it!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mallie's One Month!

This past Thursday, August 30, was little Mallie's one month old birthday.  

Today, a month and a couple days she had her 1 month doctors appointment and the numbers are in... she is looking good!

Weight: 10 pounds on the dot - 60th percentile
Height: 20.25 inches - 25th percentile
Head Circumference: 15.5 inches - 90th percentile

So in short (pun not intended), she is a chubby cheeked, healthy girl with a big head thats not so tall just yet

She has grown so much over the past month and is still such a good baby.  Her cries are few and far between, she is more alert and noticing her surroundings more.  She is just as good at running errands and getting in and out of the car with me as she is to hang out at home.  She is starting to hold her head up but sometimes momentum takes over and she looses control of it.  She is starting to smile from time to time :).  

We are not on a schedule - especially in the day time - but she is pretty consistent at night with waking up to be changed and fed - she eats and gets changed at 10pm when I go to bed, around 1 (Daddy Whimsy changes her, I feed her), around 4 (usually she is still dry, just hungry!), and if I am lucky at 7... but sometimes she starts waking up around 6am (and that is not my favorite!).

I got to share my birthday with her one month old day and Daddy Whimsy surprised me with this sign.  The three of us spent the day together, ran a couple errands, had dinner and Daddy Whimsy began work on a project (hobby, not work) that he is super excited about... more on that soon.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big Day Sunday

Sunday we took (what felt like a monumental) step with Mallie... We left her in the care of the nursery workers during church.  I know it was only an hour or so of separation but it seemed HUGE.  

A little background: We knew we wanted to put Mallie in the nursery during church services since before she was born but it was a matter of timing (as to when she would start going).  She sat through church with us the past few services without any crying or other issues but Mr. Whimsy and I felt it was only a matter of time before our good luck ran out.  I will also be going back to work soon, and at least a day or two out of the week Mallie will need to be watched by someone else... so it seemed like this would be good practice for me in letting her go (and I would only have to "let go" for an hour as opposed to a full day).  

I have mentioned before that we go to The Ark Church in Conroe and LOVE it.  It has an inspiring man of God leading the church and Mr. Whimsy and I always feel fulfilled when leaving services.  It also has, what appears to be, a great kids church and youth program.  Seriously I have never seen kids so excited about going to church as I do when we go to The Ark.  Mallie has several years until she is old enough for the fun activities the church puts on, but when choosing a church home the youth program was more reassurance that The Ark was a perfect fit for our family.  It is a large church but everyone is so nice and accommodating it really does not feel that way (and this is coming from a girl that grew up in a church that had maybe 35ish people go to each church service on Sunday).  

In the Sunday School area we filled out the form and were told Mallie would be in Nursery 1, the youngest of all the nursery classes.  Volunteers (rockers) literally stay in the room and rock and love on the little babies until their parents are done with the church service.  We were given a sticker with a unique number and that number would pop onto the screen during church if Mallie would need us before church let out (if she was crying, needed to be fed, there was an emergency, etc.).  

As soon as we walked up to the class window a super sweet girl about my age came and laid claim to Mallie.  She pretty much said she would hold her the whole service and did not want to share with any of the other "rockers".  She took Mallie and her diaper bag and reassured us everything would be okay and she would take great care of our baby.  About that time, Mr. Whimsy said "well this is the first time we have left her with anyone..." and with those words tears IMMEDIATELY filled my eyes.  And I started crying.  It was pretty embarrassing but the sweet girl again told us it would be okay, they would page us if Mallie needed us at all and I was not the first mom to cry when leaving her baby behind.  I took a deep breath and told myself to walk away - if I was going to cry, I would rather it be in the dark sanctuary where people would not notice as opposed to the bright Sunday School area.  

A few songs into worship my tears dried and I focused on the screen, waiting to see if Mallie's number popped on screen paging us for some emergency. It never came up and when we went to pick her up the girl said she had been holding Mallie since we left and Mallie did not cry (or even know we were missing).  She told us her volunteer schedule and I asked her if she kept babies during the week because we felt so comfortable with her (she said she would but she is a teacher... bummer).

So essentially Sunday was a big day for Momma and Daddy Whimsy... not so much for Mallie.  But that one hour showed me 2 big things. 1. Mallie is okay in the care of others and 2. I've got some toughening up to do before I go back to work and leave her for an entire day.

To sum things up, I am so thankful we have such an amazing church home that puts such a strong focus on kids... and puts their parents as ease with leaving their babies for the first time.  My prayers are that Mallie grows up learning about and loving the Lord and that her church provides a spiritual foundation that will last her throughout her adulthood.  I am also praying we find someone as fantastic as the nursery volunteer to keep our sweet Mallie for a couple days out of the week when I go back to work...  If you have any suggestions in that arena, please send them my way!

If you are looking for a church in the Conroe area I highly recommend checking out The Ark.  Its pretty fantastic.  If you don't want to go by yourself let me know and we can meet up with you there!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mallie's First Road/Overnight Trip

This past week Mallie took her first road/overnight trip to my parents home in Brenham.  Mr. Whimsys had some meetings that had him driving through town so me and the baby hitched a ride with him.  It was a great trip and Mallie got to meet some people that are super special to our family.  

One of the first trips was to visit my Grandma who was super happy to see her.  She would ask everyone the came through the room (she is currently staying in a retirement home for rehab) if they met her granddaughter - and when I say everyone, I mean everyone from the nurses to cleaning crew to other patients visitors.

Mrs. Maurer and McKenzie stopped by the house to say hello

Mallie also got to meet the Wilke clan.

Mallie and Sweet Macey

Morgan (my BFF) will be a great babysitter for Mallie

 Future playmate Colt

 Aunt Kristin and Mallie

Is that a smile?  

And had her first visit to Silver Wings (my parents business)!

Mallie and Kelcie (Kelcie has to be Aunt Jamie's stand in until Mallie gets to meet her and my brother Kyle)

 Mallie and JP
Mallie and Tyler

And of course she got to see her BeBe and Grandpa!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo Grab Bag

Here are a couple photos from the past few weeks that I am just now getting around to posting.

8/1/12 - Sunbathing - this photo makes me and my sister Megan laugh.  When Mallie came home from the hospital, her doctor said she had a bit of jaundice so we needed to let her sunbath a bit.  Our solution was he sitting in her car seat in front of a big window with the smallest hat I could find... As you can see, Mallie wanted a bit more shade than the hat provided.  

8/7/12 First bath - like her momma, this girls loves water!  She didn't cry during her first bath, has not cried an any baths since then either.  Hopefully she will be able to convince her Daddy she needs a swimming pool in the back yard... (note - she normally take a bath in the middle of that bath thing... I just took the picture as she was closer to the bottom)

8/7/12 Mallie and Aunt Elvera

8/4/12 Mallie and Erik

8/8/12 Mallie and her first first friend, Monroe.  While Mallie is very unhappy and Monroe appears to want to have nothing to do with Mallie in this photo, I am pretty certain they will be best friends soon.  Check out Monroe's mom's blog here.

First time at church... she did not shed a tear the entire service.

We are gearing up for the 1 month old mark!  Can't believe how time has flown by... will post more soon.