Thursday, October 25, 2012

Skipping Fall

Much like the Texas weather, I have decided that this year I am skipping fall.  As in my home is, and will remain, void of all things orange, harvest yellow, and other fall-y colors.  I simply do not have time to decorate with the fast forward state that my life has been in lately.  To be honest its my least favorite season (along with winter once Christmas is over).  Plus this way I can decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over guilt free.  Anyone with me???

Fingers cross that during this season-less time period I will find some time to post more picture of my sweet baby girl and the fun things she has been up to lately!  Happy fall... Day!


  1. You have to at least get a picture of Mallie in a pumpkin patch...its kind of a mandatory mom picture.

    I too never liked fall (too much orange and brown, pumpkin flavor is never any good, and also Thanksgiving Turkey has never been high on my list, I think this shows your influence on me), however, I made gingerbread cookies and things have changed. I now like fall. Do it. They are kind of amazing.

    Ps I will make fun of you, like you made fun of me last year, for early Christmas decorating.

  2. You get a pass because its your first "decorating season" with miss M. But you HAVE to do pumpkin patch pics. And yes, we definitely need more pics of her sweet face!