Friday, October 12, 2012

2 Month Doctors Visit

This morning my sweet Mallie had her 2 month appointment... which included shots.  I was not so excited about it beforehand and Mallie wasn't too excited afterwards.  

Before the shots, we got her latest developmental numbers:

Weight - 12 pounds, 5 oz., 75%   (last month, 10 pounds - 60%)
Length - 22.25 inches, 30%          (last month, 20.25 inches - 25%)
Head - 16 inches, 90%                  (last month, 15.5 inches - 90%)

So basically she is still a short chubster with a large head... in our eyes, perfect! 

And then it was time for the shots - 

Before the shot all was well.  Even after the first shot Mallie was still pretty happy.

After shot number 2, also known as "Momma's heart wrencher" (my knickname for it, not a medically recognized term in case you were wondering).

And back at home in the swing.  She says hello!

I was a bit worried Mallie would be fussy for several days after the shots based on what I read beforehand.  Thankfully my girl is a trooper and she has just been sleepy and not at all fussy.  Have I mentioned what a good baby she is?

Anyway, all is well according to the doctor.  Praise Jesus!

I am a bit tardy on a couple must post posts.  Check back soon for pictures of:
- Mallie's Sip and See (probably the most adorable baby girl party I have ever been to)
- Mallie's dedication

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