Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gymnast or Karate Kid?

The past couple days, Baby Whimsy has been moving like crazy.  The other night I tried to go to bed early and I was totally astonished at how much she was moving, flipping around, kicking, etc.  As much as I wanted her to calm down a bit so I could get some much needed sleep, it was good to feel her strength and health from within.  

To make the kicks, flips and punches more exciting, lately I can feel specific body parts pushing against me when she is moving and my hand is on my belly... not that I can identify the body parts, I can just feel a defined part pushing against me.   Because I find such enjoyment to feeling her (that sounds so crass but I am not sure of a better way to word it), I inevitably start to poke my belly to feel her more.  Mr. Whimsy discourages this (wouldn't want to poke an eye out or something ). 

So the jury's out - future gymnast or total karate kid?  I did gymnastics all while growing up so I'm a little partial to that option.  BUT, it would not be a bad thing for her to be a tough cookie with the chops (pun intended) to defend herself should the need ever arise (and of course, hopefully it would not!).  Regardless of if she chooses one of these or something completely different to spent her time on its fun to imagine how her personality and interest will turn out.  As long as she is healthy in body and spirit,  (future) Momma and Daddy Whimsy will be overcome with blessings.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

29 Weeks :: Comparison

29 weeks and going strong

12ish(?) years ago, my 29-week pregnant cousin-in-law, Sara, gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy.  At 11 weeks early, both were tiny miracles but with God's grace they were able to develop into strong and healthy kids.  Today they are still going strong and are healthy, smart, and overall, remarkable pre-teens.  

It's amazing to me that I am at the same point in my pregnancy that Sara was when she had the twins.  It really puts my own pregnancy into perspective.  I am grateful for each day Baby Whimsy gets to stay inside of me to grow stronger and I pray she gets the full 40 weeks to develop in the womb... that being said I understand God's timing is best so we rely on it.

Hafner girls with Baby Whimsy at 29 weeks

That all beings said, at my most recent Dr.'s appointment, I was told everything looked and sounded great.  The baby (at least my bump) is developing as expected and Baby Whimsy has a good strong heartbeat.  I was told her activity would only increase as she grew bigger... I am not sure that is possible though!  She seems to be a gymnast...or karate kid... in the making.  More on that next post!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Swoon Worthy Bedding

I have been looking for pretty bedding for Baby Girl Whimsy's nursery.  It was a bit of a struggle.... At this point in the story, I must admit that I have done almost absolutely nothing to prepare the nursery.  We are preparing to get to work on it June 1, but I am generally of the stick my head in the sand train of thought... If I don't think about it or do anything about it, then time will stand still and there is no time line to worry about.  Finally a coworker pretty much told me point blank that I am a couple months behind (compared to other moms) and needed to get my rear into gear.  That's about when the search began.

I kind looked at stores and found most things for baby girls are (in my humble opinion) neither babyish or terribly girly.  I gravitate towards sweet lines, soft colors, (i.e. more shabby chic). and instead have seen lots of character type patterns, brights colors, etc.  These are right for some folks but not Baby Girl Whimsy or future Momma Whimsy.

In light of my findings at Target and Babies R' Us, I turned to Etsy, and was... completely overwhelmed.  I do not have a big mental capacity right now and there were a billion decisions to make if I went the Etsy route... so I gave up.  Insert coworker who fed me websites to check out in order to avoid my head being buried deeper in the sand.  She sent me to Restoration Hardware's website.  The swooning soon followed.

I almost immediately fell in love with this set up - 

That's when it hit me - I hadn't been loving searching for bedding because I haven't been loving what I was finding.  Now that I am on the right track with the bedding design, I am happy to look, plan, and play with designing Baby Whimsy's nursery.  

Time to commence the shopping!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby (Momma) Update

Well, Little Baby Whimsy is growing and doing great!  I am now more than 27 weeks along, and in the third trimester!  Baby Whimsy is expected be here in just about 3 months - July 30.  My belly is out there and there is no denying that I am pregnant.  Doctors appointments have been moved up to every two weeks instead of monthly.  Its getting serious :)

Over the past week or two, and especially that last several days, Baby Whimsy has been moving around non-stop.  I thought I had read that babies take on normal sleeping patterns while in the womb, that they somewhat stick to once they are born.  If that is the case, this baby will never sleep!  She is moving around all day and night, including when I take my 4-6 middle of the night bathroom breaks.  This is actually pretty nice because it lets me know she is okay.  (When I first started feeling her I would get somewhat nervous when I realized I had not felt her move in a couple hours).  

A huge positive... I have been feeling MUCH better.  I still sometimes get a bit sick in the morning a couple times a week but I will take that any day of the week over the miserableness that took over the first several months of the 9 month adventure! 

One thing that had been worrying me is this past week, after I eat breakfast, I have been feeling dizzy and lightheaded.  I was concerned that this was a sign of gestational diabetes.  Thankfully I had a doctors appointment on Monday and we did a glucose screening then. I found out this morning that I am a negative for gestational diabetes (praise Jesus), but it turns out I am anemic.  This really should not be a huge surprise considering my diet - meat in general is not on the top of my list of yummy things (with exception to ground taco beef... and yes, I am calling what Taco Bell serves as ground taco beef).  I will need to start taking an iron supplement daily and that should get things back in order.

As for the nursery, well, I still have lots of really pretty ideas in my head and pinned on Pintrest.  Mr. Whimsy's job has him completely swamped until the first of June so until then, we are kind of at a standstill.  once June hits, he should (fingers crossed) have some extra time on his hands to get the paint brush and tools out.  

SO, all in all things are good and getting better.  We are blessed.