Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gymnast or Karate Kid?

The past couple days, Baby Whimsy has been moving like crazy.  The other night I tried to go to bed early and I was totally astonished at how much she was moving, flipping around, kicking, etc.  As much as I wanted her to calm down a bit so I could get some much needed sleep, it was good to feel her strength and health from within.  

To make the kicks, flips and punches more exciting, lately I can feel specific body parts pushing against me when she is moving and my hand is on my belly... not that I can identify the body parts, I can just feel a defined part pushing against me.   Because I find such enjoyment to feeling her (that sounds so crass but I am not sure of a better way to word it), I inevitably start to poke my belly to feel her more.  Mr. Whimsy discourages this (wouldn't want to poke an eye out or something ). 

So the jury's out - future gymnast or total karate kid?  I did gymnastics all while growing up so I'm a little partial to that option.  BUT, it would not be a bad thing for her to be a tough cookie with the chops (pun intended) to defend herself should the need ever arise (and of course, hopefully it would not!).  Regardless of if she chooses one of these or something completely different to spent her time on its fun to imagine how her personality and interest will turn out.  As long as she is healthy in body and spirit,  (future) Momma and Daddy Whimsy will be overcome with blessings.

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  1. Isn't it the coolest feeling! Even after she's born you'll miss feeling her move around inside of you...and then you'll be ready for the next one!