Thursday, October 25, 2012

Skipping Fall

Much like the Texas weather, I have decided that this year I am skipping fall.  As in my home is, and will remain, void of all things orange, harvest yellow, and other fall-y colors.  I simply do not have time to decorate with the fast forward state that my life has been in lately.  To be honest its my least favorite season (along with winter once Christmas is over).  Plus this way I can decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over guilt free.  Anyone with me???

Fingers cross that during this season-less time period I will find some time to post more picture of my sweet baby girl and the fun things she has been up to lately!  Happy fall... Day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Something's In the Water!

UPDATE:: This post had two errors.  First, my sister is due in March, not April.  Sorry Meggo!  Also, a sweet friend of mine (and Mr. Whimsy) is also due. Stephanie and her hubby just found out they will be having a little boy.  Woohoo!  Stephanie is due in February and we can't wait to meet him.  Sorry Stephanie!  

A couple post ago I linked to my sisters new blog announcing she is pregnant and due in April.  

Since her big news, my cousin Kristin (of the re-booted Blue Jeans and Boots) announced she was pregnant.  Actually, her son (my Godson) Colt did - and not just in the picture on her blog.  Right before my Mallie was dedicated and we were waiting in a quiet room Colt sweetly piped up with a "Lindsey, my mommy has a baby in her belly".  Everyone but Kristin and her husband Jared heard and immediately turned to them awaiting confirmation.  It was a priceless moment that I believe Kristin had hoped would happen a little later.  Nonetheless, congrats Kreneks!!!

I also just found out super cute Heidi of Reese's Pieces is pregnant with her second baby.  Heidi's daughter Reese is adorable (frankly the entire family is good looking!) and I know the new addition will be just as sweet.
Me, Heidi and Reese at my wedding 

Friday, October 12, 2012

2 Month Doctors Visit

This morning my sweet Mallie had her 2 month appointment... which included shots.  I was not so excited about it beforehand and Mallie wasn't too excited afterwards.  

Before the shots, we got her latest developmental numbers:

Weight - 12 pounds, 5 oz., 75%   (last month, 10 pounds - 60%)
Length - 22.25 inches, 30%          (last month, 20.25 inches - 25%)
Head - 16 inches, 90%                  (last month, 15.5 inches - 90%)

So basically she is still a short chubster with a large head... in our eyes, perfect! 

And then it was time for the shots - 

Before the shot all was well.  Even after the first shot Mallie was still pretty happy.

After shot number 2, also known as "Momma's heart wrencher" (my knickname for it, not a medically recognized term in case you were wondering).

And back at home in the swing.  She says hello!

I was a bit worried Mallie would be fussy for several days after the shots based on what I read beforehand.  Thankfully my girl is a trooper and she has just been sleepy and not at all fussy.  Have I mentioned what a good baby she is?

Anyway, all is well according to the doctor.  Praise Jesus!

I am a bit tardy on a couple must post posts.  Check back soon for pictures of:
- Mallie's Sip and See (probably the most adorable baby girl party I have ever been to)
- Mallie's dedication

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mallie's 2 Months Old!

My sweet baby girl is two months old!  I can't believe how time has passed so quickly!  

The picture is a bit blurry but she was smiling a bit in this one and I think that better reflects her current accomplishments... she is smiling more and more everyday.  

I have said it before but Mallie is a GREAT baby!  She rarely cries just for crying sake - usually she only cries because she is hungry and her Momma isn't feeding her fast enough.  In fact, this past weekend my Dad asked if she was always "this good" or if there was something in the Brenham air that was getting her to behave.  I was very thankful to tell him that it was normal for her to be such a good, happy baby.

She is routinely sleeping for 5-6 hours at night which is fantastic and I am really thankful for.  Of course she still has her nights where she wakes up every 3 hours but those are becoming more and more rare.  The past week or we we have been trying to gett on a bedtime routine but so far that has not been a huge success, mostly because our schedule has been so inconsistent lately.  

She is getting better and better at holding her head up but sometimes its just too heavy for her neck... she does have a pretty large head  is pretty young so I guess that is to be expected.

Mallie loves to cuddle and ball up when being held - she scrunches her legs up and becomes a ball.

Mr./Daddy Whimsy has been staying with Mallie while I go to work and has brought her with him to a couple meetings and luncheons he has to go to for work.  So far she has done great in these meetings.  Speaking of doing great, she still has not fussed enough while in the church nursery for us to be called out of the grown up church service.  Mr. Whimsy says its only a matter of time but we shall see!

This time last month I was still pretty unsure about who little Mallie would stay with when Daddy Whimsy couldn't bring her to work with him.  The sweet girl we met in the church nursery the first day Mallie went said her mom, a former preschool teacher, was looking for something to do part time to keep her busy.  We introduced her and Mallie to each other and it has been a really great match.  Mallie has stayed with Mrs. Dorothy a handful of times and seems to be doing really well with it.  I am happy there because Mallie gets lots of attention and love from Mrs. Dorthy.  We are praising Jesus for that match and introduction!  Its really helped me go back to work without a ton of stress.

I will do a blog post about our super adorable, fun and jam packed weekend... I just need to find a few minutes...