Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anniversary Discount

LindseysWhimsys (the company) was pretty much inspired by my wedding last March.  In honor of the one year anniversary to inspiration (among other wonderful things), I am offering a limited time 10% discount on rentals taking place during the month of JUNE 2012.

In order to get the discount:
- Your event must be in the month of June
- You must be a new customer without an existing contract
- You have to sign up quick!  The discount expires in 1 week, on Thursday April 5
- Mention the discount when you request your quote

Check out all of the LindseysWhimsys rental items today!  If you have any questions, please email me at

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1 year down, a lifetime to go!

This past Monday, March 26, Mr. Whimsy and I celebrated our first anniversary together as husband and wife.  (We actually got to have 366 days of wedded bliss :) in this first year because of the leap year.)

Our wedding was a beautiful occasion and we were incredibly blessed to be surrounded by our sweet friends and lovinng family members.  Better then the wedding though, has been our time together as a married couple.  

To steal a phrase from my oh-so-cool sister in law (of J+K fame), on our first trip around the sun as spouses, we have:
Seen new and exciting levels of success for Mr. Whimsys company 
Added a new flower bed
Watched my baby sister graduate from college AND get married
Renovated and shuffled furniture around the house
Became office members of The Ark Church in Conroe
Went skiing with the Hafner's
And best of all, found out our family would be expanding with one Baby Girl Whimsy later this year

My love for Mr. Whimsy grows everyday and I am thankful we will get to share the rest of our lives together.  

This next year is sure to bring lots of surprises, ups and downs, wins and losses... as long as it continues to bring our family closer together and our love and bond grows stronger, I believe we will be able to consider it a success.

Thank you again to those of you that love and support us, we appreciate you.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Its (going to be) a Girl!

Mr. Whimsy and I found out February 27 that Baby Whimsy is going to be a girl.  We are both very excited about her and I am dreaming in shades of pink.  

Lots of smocked dresses are in my Baby Whimsy's future.

Her initials (unless something changes) will be MRW and I have loved finding pretty nursery's on Pintrest.  Her room will be shabby chic, with pale aqua walls, white molding and baby pink accents (bedding, decor, etc.).  

Here are some of the baby rooms that I am loving right now:

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Current Prayers

Pre-blog note: this, and many other blog post referring to Baby Whimsy will be completely unremarkable to the majority of this blogs readers.  If this is you, please fill free to close this pages window and move onto your next blog of choice... I have read that I should have a pregnancy journal for Baby Whimsy but instead of a journal filled with my messy handwriting, I have decided to occasionally blog about things that occupy my time and thoughts when it comes to Baby Whimsy.  Please bear with me, in a few months this blog will be filled with cute pictures and funny stories... until then, you just get me.

And another note - if you are still reading, please know that Mr. Whimsy and I  were very happy to hear that Baby Whimsy looks healthy and is growing at the correct rate according to my latest ultrasound.  This blog post is just on some of the thoughts and prayers I have had being pregnant.

Many of you know that I like to read - a lot.  I have always enjoyed reading, even when I was younger I would take my Babysitters Club books for just about any trip we took, even if we were only going into town.  Today I belong to a book club with a group of girlfriends - and we seriously read and talk about a selected book each month.  I generally am reading about 2-3 books at a time (the book of choice usually depends on my location - i.e. the car, living room, bedroom, etc.).

I have never really actually regretted reading any book (except for one horrible book I picked up in Italy and finished reading because there was nothing else to do while on the train)... that is, I never regretting reading books until I got pregnant.  Now all these interesting stories that provided hours of entertainment in the past have resulting in more and more health concerns that I have for Baby Whimsy.  

Mr. Whimsy and I truly did not have a boy/girl preference, we (like all parents-to-be) just wanted a healthy baby.  We pray(ed) that God would protect the baby while in the womb, as it develops so that it is physically and mentally strong and healthy.  This is when my prayers begin to go down a never ending (and somewhat terrifying) trail, thanks to books.  

I start with prayers for basic health for Baby Whimsy.  Then I remember reading about a baby with brittle bone disease and I pray Baby Whimsy has strong bones.  Then I remember another book with a child that had mental health problems and I pray for a healthy brain.  The week we found out I was pregnant, my book club read a book where one of the characters had a handful of miscarriages - I pray that Baby Whimsy makes it to full term and is a lively child.Then there was that book with the baby with a bad heart waiting for a transplant... can't forget to pray for a strong beating heart.    And the list goes on and on, ranging from rare, one in a million diseases (even made up ones like being a time traveler) to things more common but just as devastating to a family.  

Then after my mind is completely overwhelmed and the different afflictions are ever present I try to get a grip and I tell myself "this child is especially chosen for us, by God.  He (God) will provide and protect."   This usually brings me back to reality and I move on to pray for something that is just as (or really more) important to me for Baby Whimsy.  I pray that we (Mr. Whimsy and I) do our part in bringing Baby Whimsy up in Christ.  I pray Baby Whimsy knows God, relies on God, trust in God, and above all, is a Child of God.  

It sounds silly but I have noticed when there is a particularly moving song in church, or the preacher says something I really want to remember, I put my hand on my belly and, as silly as it sounds, I want Baby Whimsy to get/know/absorb that thing.  I know the baby can't hear yet but I still find myself hoping to ingrain worship songs and Bible verses into its soul. Its kind of my way of telling Baby Whimsy "if you are born knowing only one thing, know this one.  Its important."

Our church (which we LOVE and recommend to anyone looking for a church home) is The Ark in Conroe.  Our preacher, Pastor Alan, regularly reminds the congregation that it is the parents role to bring a child up in Christ, and if he/she is brought up in Christ, he/she will have that foundation for the rest of their lives.  I pray that Baby Whimsy has a foundation in Christ to rely on in the future.

So, those are my current prayers for Baby Whimsy... physical, mental and spiritual.  For the time being I am (trying) to stay away from sad books with stories about kids/babies.  

Moms - am I completely crazy or are these types of thoughts somewhat normal?  What type of things did you find yourself obsessing about?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Life Update :: Busy Busy Busy

Well I am officially 3 days away from the halfway (20 week) point in my pregnancy.  My icky pregnancy symptoms have gotten much better - I still get a bit sick in the morning and when I smell something with strong food odors (I stay away from the fridge if there are leftovers in it) but all in all, I am feeling way better.  Funny side note - I have become a quasi vegetarian during this pregnancy.  Right now most meat products completely gross me out... that is except for ground taco meat.  Mexican food remains a safe bet... which is not a bad thing!

I have not blogged lately because I have been flat out busy.  Rather then me taking life by the horns, I kind of feel like I have been quasi strapped in for a crazy roller coaster and I better hold on otherwise I will be sent flying over the edge (long run on sentence intended... I am lacking control people!).  I am certain that with prayer and determination that soon I will again take back reigns though.

I have been pretty tired and worn out but that is probably just as much due to my starting a new job then this pregnancy.  I had been working for the past 2ish years with Mr. Whimsy's company but was offered a great opportunity in the tourism industry this past month.  The job is a constant (and everyday eye opening in a new way) challenge but I honestly think it has really helped with my feeling better because I am constantly going and my mind is working overtime.  

In addition to the new job and preparing for Baby Whimsy, my renal company, LindseysWhimsys, has taken off.  I never expected it to grow as fast as it has but its very exciting.  I pray that I make wise, strategic business decisions and take full advantage of this ever growing business.  

Despite the out of controlness of it all, I know that Mr. Whimsy, Baby Whimsy and I have been incredibly blessed.  We have prayed for opportunities and they have come at us in abundance and for that I am very very thankful.  We can look at our lives and see very clearly that God answers prayers and constantly provides and that is an incredible thing to have experienced first hand.

Oh - and friends, I can not forget - APRILFEST 2012 is set!  We will be playing at the house the last Saturday in April, the 28.  Mark your calendars now (if I do not have your email, please send it to me if you want the official evite -  A theme has not been set so if you have suggestions, please let me know!

I promise to do a dedicated Baby Whimsy post soon... I just wanted to give a quick update on our lives.