Thursday, October 6, 2011

Couponing at Target!

I LOVE Target... who doesn't though?!?!?  That being said, I always found it to be a bit more expensive so I never did grocery type shopping there.  However, my favorite couponing blogs regularly post great deals  at Target so I decided to dive in... and I have been WAY surprised by the fantastic deals out there.

Few things to note regarding Target:
- You can stack coupons at Target to get super great deals.  Stacking is when you take use both a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon for big savings
- Printable Target Coupons are here.  You can print up to two of each coupon... just select the coupons you want, print, and repeat the process... voila two of each coupon printed. I tend to print most coupons, even those I do not think I will use because they may match up perfectly with a manufacturers coupon or a clearance sale at Target
- Target regularly has coupons for clothes ($4 of kids jeans, $3 off ladies shirts, etc.)
- You can get Target mobile coupons texted to your phone.  I have found that these coupons are higher value then the printable store coupons.   At check out, just pull up the link from your text message and the cashier will scan your phone for the coupons.

Last night I went to Target and got the following:

2- Clorox Stain Fighting Pens 
2- Quaker Chewy bars 
2- Pretzel M&M's 9.9oz 
4- Hunts tomatoes cans
2 - Extra Gum packs
2 - Tic Tacs
1 - Transformers toy
1- Mabelline lip gloss
1 - Neutrogena face wash bar
2-  whisker Lickin's cat treats
1- Olay Regenerist face wash clothes

Retail cost: $48.57

Combining manufacturer coupons, Target printable coupons, Target Mobile coupons and clearance items I paid: $12.69

That is a total savings of $35.88... Pretty good shopping I think!

A few other things of note:
- I took advantage of some crazy good deals... but please note I only got 1-4 of each item.  I am totally against shelve clearing... let everyone save!
- At checkout, the younger guys are usually way easier to check out with then older men or old women (the older people tend to not be as coupon friendly).  Check out with a younger guy or a younger girl if at all possible when couponing (this is a pretty good rule of thumb anywhere, not just at Target... men couponers you should also follow this rule of thumb!!!

To find great Target deals, I follow these blogs:

Where have you found your best couponing deals?  Any surprising finds?


  1. Oh my gosh! That is super!! Makes me want to get back into couponing. Nicely done!

  2. Good for you Lindsey! More people should learn the thrill of a good deal! :)