Thursday, October 20, 2011

Could it be true? A Painted bathroom!

A while back I posted about my unpainted bathroom, a project that I could never get started.  Well as of today, its another project (halfway) crossed off my to-do list!  If you will recall, my master bath was very blah and not a happy room for me.  

After an amazing garage sale weekend, the bathroom project seemed to come to the top of my project list because I found everything needed for a bathroom redo for LESS THAN $5.

Except the project never happened.  All the components sat for several weeks in the bathroom corner, staring at me, begging for me to use them.  I finally decided to do something about it - nope, I did not start painting, instead I tried to shame myself into painting by posting about my serious procrastination on the project.  I really wanted to paint... but I had a trip to see my sister in the works, a wedding, and tons of other much better things to do.  

Well everything changed this past Friday.  In an effort to procrastinate on another project (i.e. work), I decided it was time to get out my paint brush and get to work.

In case you are wondering, it takes forever to paint a bathroom.  There was a ton of edges, corner, etc.  I did my first coat and was pretty proud of myself.  

My husband (who spent the day actually working) came home and said "it looks good but... [ uggh, the dreaded but!] I'll need to touch it up later".  That is exactly what I did not want to happen.  I love my husbands help, but he is really busy with work right now and he frankly does not have time for me to add a random project to his list.

I planned to let the paint dry and do touch ups the next day.  Then Saturday came and it was time for Aggie football...  then that night we had an event to attend.  I figured I would work on it Sunday.  But Sunday I was pretty tired from the event the night before and frankly, Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, right?!?!?!

To clarify, this entire time everything from out bathroom has been moved into our bedroom.  The mirror, the trashcan, the furniture pieces, etc.  EVERYTHING.  

Finally on Tuesday (4 days later... pretty pathetic, I know) I decided to actually finish the project - at least the painting portion.  I did some paint touch ups and brought in the bathroom necessities.  I let the hubby move the furniture piece back in later because it was too heavy.

I think the blue looks nice but I would really love to add a stencil like Carol at Giddings Lane did here - .  

I am so in love with this paint job she did!  

We also want to paint the mirror white so the entire room is blue and white and Joe is convienced we need to get rid of the furniture piece.  I do not disagree, I just am not sure where all my stuff will go.

To sum up the list of to-do's I still need to accomplish to actually wrap up the project:
  • Add a pattern to the walls
  • Find a different place for storage, remove white furniture piece
  • Paint mirror
  • Change or fix the light fixture
  • Apply my vinyl wall quote
Fingers crossed this project is finished before 2012!

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