Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another (2) items off the bathroom to do list!

This past weekend the hubby painted the framed mirror in our bathroom white - item number  3 on my bathroom do over to do list!  

We replaced the regular mirror our house came with with a brown framed mirror.  At the time it was a big upgrade and we really liked it.  Then... I painted the bathroom and we decided the brown mirror no longer fit with the rooms decor. 

After putting tape and paper on the edge of the mirror, we spray painted and wala, two coats later its done!

He also added knobs to the cabinets (these knobs cost $1 for 10 at a garage sale a couple months back).

For such a small, easy fix it really made a change to the room.  

2 things down, 4 to go!  Still shooting for a pre 2012 completion to this project...

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