Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thrifty Bathroom Makeover

For a while now Joe and I have been wanting to redo (re would imply doing it again... we just need to do it for the first time!) our master bathroom.  We painted our cabinets white at the same time we redid our kitchen cabinets.  The lighter color helps the bathroom seem bigger but the rest of the bathroom has pretty much been just... there.  

I hooked up a small chandelier over the bathtub but its kind of out of place because the rest of the room is SO plain.  Finally, a while back we replaced the standard wall mounted mirror with a framed one.

I had an idea of how I wanted it to look but just hadn't done anything about it.  We have chocolate brown towels and I was think a really light blue with brown and bronze accents would be nice. Again, this was all in my head and nothing has been to it.

Two weeks ago, thanks to garage sales I FINALLY made a positive step in getting the bathroom in order.  First, I went to an apartment garage sale and got a brand new, full roll of painters tape for $0.25.   At another sale, I got the small roller for $0.25 and 10 bronze knobs for $1 (they were supposed to be $2 but what garage saler pays full price on everything?!?!?).  Then, at my last garage sale of the day I found a full can of light blue never used paint for $1!  The finish is flat and I wish it was a least eggshell, but for $1 in a color I want, I'll take it!  

Then, I had a $10 off $10 coupon to use a Kohl's.  I found a bathroom themed wall vinyl on clearance for $12.79.  I had spotted this vinyl almost a year ago at Hobby Lobby and liked it but never got it... with my $10 coupon I paid $2.79 plus tax for this vinyl.

When I got home Saturday afternoon I was ready to get to work and make a big change... then I went to get the paint roller and we had run out.  So frustrating!  The project was once again put on hold because I did not feel like going to the store.  All the project pieces have been sitting in a corner ever since.

Finally this past Saturday, I saw a new roller at a garage sale for $0.50 (I would have bought it at the store but I kept forgetting).  Now I have no excuse to get to work!  

This bathroom makeover is the ultimate thrifty project.  Total project cost include:
Painters Tape : $0.25
Mini Roller : $0.25
Knobs: $1.00
Gallon of Paint: $1.00
Roller: $0.50
Vinyl Quote: $2.79+tax
TOTAL: $5.79

I am hoping this blog post will shame myself into actually getting to work and painting this bathroom!  Unfortunately I will be out of town for the majority of this week so I have a feeling that this never ending (or frankly starting) project will get put off a little bit longer.  

What projects do you have waiting in the wings?  Feel free to shame yourself into action here!


  1. Holla if you LOVE Lindsey and her thrify-i-ness!!!!! This is so cool---I can wait to see how it turns out.

    One idea for the flat paint---tape of stripes, diamonds, squares, etc., and put a finish on those areas. (is that what you did in your sewing room? or girl room?) Should add a little depth and sheen, but not overpowering or making you buy more paint!

    As for my project shame....(1) curtains cut out for over my kitchen door---just need to sew, yet they sit in the top of the hall closet. (2) Uppercase Living letters sitting in that same hall closet that need to stuck on the wall; (3) my master bath needs a $5 makeover. and finally (4) does laundry count as a project, cause Lord knows its been stacking up for quite some time...

  2. Can't wait to see the final look! Feel free to stop by the next time you're in town and pick up my stencil. I'm finished with it and would love to "pay it forward!"