Tuesday, September 20, 2011

$10 off $10 = Awesomeness

There are a couple companies that send out $10 off $10 coupons and I LOVE getting these!  Kohl's mails them via snail mail, Pier 1 did it through a facebook promo a while back (its expired now) and I have just started getting them from JCPenney emails.   When you get the emails, be sure to view the images and look at the BOTTOM of the email for coupons.

I think I signed up in the store for the Kohl's mailing list but you can sign up here for the JCPenney e-newsletter...  This week I got a $10 off $100 Liz Claiborne purchase but sometimes they will be for ANYTHING in the store.  When I get these I always check out the clearance sections for clothes, home goods, or really anything.  You can get some total steals.  I try to find something as close to $10 as possible, this way I have a tiny amount out of pocket without loosing any value of the coupon. One thing to note - your purchase usually has to be over $10 before taxes in order to use the coupon so if you find something for $8.50 find a cheap add on to get your total over $10.

Here's a couple of my recent finds:

I couldn't find anything I really wanted so I went to the kid toy section.  All their toys were buy 1 get one 1/2 off.  I found 2 things on clearance that cost around $8 each (clearance price).  With the buy one get one 1/2 off sale I was able to get 2 toys for around $12... minus my $10 coupon I paid only $2.  I put these in the closest and they will be perfect Christmas gifts! (I am not naming the objects purchased because they have not been gifted yet).   

Last time I got this coupon from Kohl's I headed to the home good section and found a vinyl wall quote on clearance for  $12.46!!! You can find these on sale at Hobby Lobby for about $20 normally but I was able to walk out of Kohl's paying only $2.46.  This will be a perfect addition to my soon to be decorated master bathroom.

Finally, Sunday I used my $10 Liz Claiborne coupon at JCPenneys.  I found a couple tops that were okay but then decided to check out the dresses.  As I walked over, it looked like an entire rack was BRIGHT yellow dresses.  I saw the label was Liz Claiborne and decided, what the heck I would try it on.  

Originally the dress was $80 and it was on clearance for $6.97.  

 WOW!  I tried it on and LOVED the fit.  The only problem was the dress was BRIGHT yellow, which would be great in the spring, but its fall and I wanted something for now.  Also, the material is pretty heavy for summer so it would have to be a spring only dress... kind of a bummer.  Then I decided I could get it and attempt to dye it.  I am thinking it will look great in a dark brown or black... I'll be sure to blog about it when that project happens (but please leave suggestions on the dying process now!).

To reach my required $10 spending, I headed to the clearance jewelry section and found these $5.60 earrings.  I think they are really cute.

I left store spending around $2.50, with a great dress and some cute earrings!

Like I said, the $10 off $10 are some of my favorite coupons EVER.  I get almost giddy when I get them and I always try to get the biggest bang for the smallest buck.  Be sure to sign up and take advantage of these offers!  

What stores and coupons are your favorite for thrifty shopping?


  1. Shut up! I love those Kohls coupons!! I usually shop only certain brands at Kohls so I put the coupon toward a shirt or something to get it for only 5-$10. Once I scored some stuff for dash (set of 2 pj's, socks, and a toy all on clearance for about $3 after coupon.) but the dress and earrings r so cute! Great find!

  2. That dress is adorable and you are brave for attemping to dye it. Let me know how that goes!