Monday, November 1, 2010

Porch Oasis

About a year ago my garage was transformed into a cool hang out space, completely with a wicker couch, chairs, a table, games, a tv, etc, etc. This space was supposed to be a place to hang when friends came over.

Due to my incessant buying at garage sales and wedding supplies gathering, the cool hang out space quickly became a storage room, a projects room, and a stressful room (due to the messyness and the projects that awaited me). Needless to say, it was not a cool hang out space.

When the nicer weather hit about a month ago it brought a lightbulb with it (as in, a lightbulb went off in my head). Rather than keeping this fun furniture in the now crowded garage, it should be brought to a space it traditionally calls home - the back porch. My back porch was filled with weathered chairs (that were falling apart), plants (that were mostly dying because I forgot to water them) and a rickety rocking chair that was more rickety than rocking. The furniture was an obvious solution that was completely overlooked. Immediately furniture was moved and an outdoor oasis was created.

Joe strung up some lights around the ceiling and the mood lighting was set.

For my birthday my parents got me a nice, pretty (this is key), new propane grill. Its red color makes is a fantastic fit for the porch. It took about 4 hours for me and Joe to put together but it was totally worth it. The first dinner to come from the grill was Asian seasoned ribs (yum).

Notice the dogs facing outward int he background? They had just gotten in trouble and are in their respective corners for a time out.

The chiminea that was haphazardly placed randomly in the yard was also brought over closer to the porch. Joe gets a little carried away with the fire at times...

Combine this spot that was totally unused before with the porch goodies, goodies, a glass of wine, the dogs, and a good magazine and I've got a relaxing escape waiting for me just outside my back door.