Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby Whimsys Nursery Debut

I have finally put forth the effort to both take pictures of the nursery and upload them to my computer!  Quite the accomplishment based on all my pictureless posts lately.

A brief overview of the nursery - all the furniture in this room was redone by me and Mr. Whimsy.  It was a lot of work but really fun to work on together.  I hit up garage sales, other rooms in the house, and friends to put the nursery together (the matchy-matchy store stuff isn't really my style) so it matched the vision I was going for.  We (Mr. Whimsy) primed and painted everything with heirloom white spray paint, then (I) applied a glaze and poly-acrylic to it.  This was a very slow and long process (as you could probably see from my never ending to-do list) but I am really happy, and proud, of how it all came together.  Mr. Whimsy actually spent many evenings while I was sleeping hanging up things, shifting things around and re-hanging up things until they looked just perfect.  Several mornings I had the pleasure to wake up to a more complete nursery (seriously, it was fantastic).  He has a really good eye for room design and item placement.

In the beginning, I knew I wanted to use a light aqua and incorporate some things I have had for a while and haven't found the right home for in my home - namely a vintage aqua lamp that was missing a lampshade, a ton of doilies and a toy box/trunk I got from my Grandma a while back.  I also really wanted to use baby pink and have the room really sweet and feminine.  Apparently I have a thing for blue birds as they seemed to turn up in a couple places in the nursery.  

I took tons of pictures of the individual projects, and at some point will probably do post highlighting some of my favorites, some of my flops, and some of my most challenging one.  Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Early Voting for Run Off Election Going On Now!

In a completely un-baby related PSA, don't forget, early voting for the run-off Texas primary election is going on now!  There are lots of exciting races yet to be won throughout the state so don't forget to head to the polls!  

In order to vote, you have to be a registered voter in Texas.  If you can't find your voter registration card just bring your license to the polls.  It takes all of 5 minutes if you go early.

Early voting is going on now through this Friday and election day is next Tuesday July 31.  Call your county courthouse to find out where you can vote!

Monday, July 23, 2012

7 Days till D (due) Date

Well... we are getting close!  Today is Monday, my due date is next Monday...  That means only 7 whopping days until my due date!  I am shocked by how quickly time has flown by.  Mr. Whimsy and I are excited and nervous (I am the nervous one) about our sweet Baby Whimsy's upcoming arrival.  Please send your prayers our way that the baby is healthy and our family is prepared for this humongous life change.

I have really wanted to wait until the actual due date (July 30) for the baby to come but we found out last week that my doctor will be out of town next weekend (July 27-29).  I am now really hoping Baby Whimsy comes this week or on or after her due date.  I know the other doctor on call would be fabulous but Mr. Whimsy and I both really like my current doctor and I would be more comfortable with her being there to deliver the baby.  Plus she is an Aggie so that bumps her up a notch.  

Last week after my doctors appoint I woke up about 2:30AM and was up until around 5:30AM with contractions, debating with myself whether or not I was actually in labor and needed to get Mr. Whimsy up to go to the hospital.  Obviously I was not in labor but I did recognize that I would prefer not to go into labor in the middle of the night.  So I'm adding that request to my "this is how I would like my labor to go" list.  We shall see how well Baby Whimsy plays along!

Anyway, I am still at work and am planning to keep busy until the big day.  We only have a handful of non-essential items on our to-do list but they should all be taken care of in relatively quick order.  

I promise to post pictures of the nursery this week.  

Hope you have a happy and blessed week!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home Stretch

We are on the home stretch...  

Pretty much everything (yes everything) is scratched off!  I am so thankful for Mr. Whimsy because he really put in the long and hard hours while I would be sleeping to set up and get things done.  We still have some items on the list but I think we can safely take home baby (car seat is installed), have a place for her to sleep (bassinet is put together), and her room is cute.  Plus her (married) parents will have the same last name on her birth certificate (got my drivers license redone this week).  WooHoo!

Pictures are still to come but here is the latest list!

- Get/redo crib (Mr. Whimsy and Lindsey) - Still have to  schedule a time for pick up from Rowdy Ramsdens... 
- Get pantry organized to make room for all new baby stuff (Lindsey) - still zilch
- Mail belated graduation/baby/wedding gifts (Lindsey) - sorry folks, your gifts will be in the mail soon... 
- Fix up onsies (Lindsey) - I wish but I did sort out the onsies that needed some cute added to them
- Sleep (Lindsey) - Not sure I will catch up on this one for a few years...

We are getting closer by the day!  

Monday, July 9, 2012

3 Weeks and Counting (down)

Due Date: July 30, 2012
Todays Date: July 9, 2012
Days Remaining Until Due Date: 21
Mission: To not give birth early

WOW!  How is it possible that I am 3 weeks, 21 days, from my due date?!?!?! Where has the past 9 months gone?  There is still so much to do!  Between work and my crazy To Do list, I really need Baby Whimsy to come on her due date and not be early (I know, I am virtually the only 9 month pregnant person in the summer that is okay with waiting until their actual due date to go into labor!).

Honestly, my goal is to continue going into work until Friday July 27.  I am over a new department in the community I work and have SEVERAL projects that still need to be wrapped up between now and then... After that our sweet girl can come anytime.  Pretty generous of me huh?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Home Stretch :: To Do List Addition

We are on the home stretch...  I deleted items that were scratched off the list last week 

Overall Nursery
- Schedule deep cleaning for carpet - (Lindsey) 

Furniture, Decoration and Organization in Nursery and House (baby specific items)
- Redo furniture - dresser, glider - paint portion (Mr. Whimsy) - done
- Redo furniture - dresser, glider - paint portion (Lindsey) - done
- Finish staining rocking chair (will go in nursery) - we are still waiting on this to hard dry then will need to put a poly coat on top to protect it
- Get/redo crib (Mr. Whimsy and Lindsey) - Still have to  schedule a time for pick up from Rowdy Ramsdens... 
- Set up nursery (Mr. Whimsy for muscles, Lindsey for "oversight")
- Hang up/organize baby clothes, blankets, figure out storage for baby stuff (Lindsey) - I think this will just be an ongoing thing
- Get pantry organized to make room for all new baby stuff (Lindsey) - still zilch

Random Must Do's- 
- Get name changed on drivers license.  Apparently an updated social security card and insurance card is not enough for the hospital.  Looking forward to waiting at DPS for this one! 
- Mail belated graduation/baby/wedding gifts (Lindsey) - sorry folks, your gifts will be in the mail soon... 

 Not Mandatory but Hope To Do:
- Fix up onsies (Lindsey) - I wish but I did sort out the onsies that needed some cute added to them
- Doily lamp shade (Lindsey) -Done!
- Art with bird and Bible verse (Lindsey) - not yet
- Sleep (Lindsey) - Not sure I will catch up on this one for a few years...

And added on 2 weeks ago:
- Make 3 doily lanterns to hang in corner of room (instead of bird houses and light shade (Lindsey) - this should be a quasi easy and fun project but it will be messy so I will probably save it for the weekend.. . not so much easy.  Tried it out and I am still waiting for the glue to hard dry before I will see if it was a success or not.  And I only made 1 of the 3 I wanted...

Last weeks to-do's:
- Pack hospital bag - uggh!  what to pack, what to pack!  there are lists but they do not really detail out the number and types of clothes to bring for Baby Whimsy... in progress
- Install car seat
- Order crib mattress, baby monitor and play yard
- Do some couponing to rebuild my tiny "stockpile" so we have less shopping to do when Baby Whimsy comes - work in progress
- Order needed products for LindseysWhimsys rentals

This weeks additions:
- Set up bassinet in (my) bedroom

We are getting closer by the day!  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sunday Funday

Mr. Whimsy and I had a "prep for Baby Whimsy" Sunday Funday this weekend.  The day was filled with a tour of the hospital family center, shopping, a lunch date, more shopping and a hunt for the perfect teddy bear.  It was pretty much a great day for me and Mr. Whimsy.

We intended for the day to be centered around prepping the nursery once our tour was over but, I've got to be honest, this was much nicer!  After our tour, I needed to pick up something from the mall and we decided to do a little extra shopping while we were out and about.  Mr. Whimsy has really been an ideal husband throughout my pregnancy, taking on the house and animal chores, not complaining when I don't cook (and I haven't for several months) and generally being supportive.  Yesterday he really showed his loving Dad side, which was so nice after the crazy accomplish/work/scratch items off the list mode that we have both be in for a while now.

He suggested doing some clothes (dress) shopping for Baby Whimsy and even picked out a couple outfits he thought would be cute on her.  Later it was his idea for us to go to Build A Bear to, um, build a bear, which I thought was so sweet (even though we decided not to get one because we couldn't find the perfect softness and design for our sweet girl).  

While we did not finish the nursery yesterday and we only got a couple items scratched off the list, yesterday really put me at peace knowing that everything will come together okay and if it doesn't we can figure it out together.  I know I got short with him and was less than patient several times but he took everything in stride and didn't complain or bat an eye at my crazy mood swings.  

I am very fortunate to have such a loving and sweet husband and I know Baby Whimsy will feel the same way about her Daddy Whimsy.  

Meanwhile, the hunt for the perfect teddy bear continues...