Monday, July 23, 2012

7 Days till D (due) Date

Well... we are getting close!  Today is Monday, my due date is next Monday...  That means only 7 whopping days until my due date!  I am shocked by how quickly time has flown by.  Mr. Whimsy and I are excited and nervous (I am the nervous one) about our sweet Baby Whimsy's upcoming arrival.  Please send your prayers our way that the baby is healthy and our family is prepared for this humongous life change.

I have really wanted to wait until the actual due date (July 30) for the baby to come but we found out last week that my doctor will be out of town next weekend (July 27-29).  I am now really hoping Baby Whimsy comes this week or on or after her due date.  I know the other doctor on call would be fabulous but Mr. Whimsy and I both really like my current doctor and I would be more comfortable with her being there to deliver the baby.  Plus she is an Aggie so that bumps her up a notch.  

Last week after my doctors appoint I woke up about 2:30AM and was up until around 5:30AM with contractions, debating with myself whether or not I was actually in labor and needed to get Mr. Whimsy up to go to the hospital.  Obviously I was not in labor but I did recognize that I would prefer not to go into labor in the middle of the night.  So I'm adding that request to my "this is how I would like my labor to go" list.  We shall see how well Baby Whimsy plays along!

Anyway, I am still at work and am planning to keep busy until the big day.  We only have a handful of non-essential items on our to-do list but they should all be taken care of in relatively quick order.  

I promise to post pictures of the nursery this week.  

Hope you have a happy and blessed week!

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