Thursday, July 5, 2012

Home Stretch :: To Do List Addition

We are on the home stretch...  I deleted items that were scratched off the list last week 

Overall Nursery
- Schedule deep cleaning for carpet - (Lindsey) 

Furniture, Decoration and Organization in Nursery and House (baby specific items)
- Redo furniture - dresser, glider - paint portion (Mr. Whimsy) - done
- Redo furniture - dresser, glider - paint portion (Lindsey) - done
- Finish staining rocking chair (will go in nursery) - we are still waiting on this to hard dry then will need to put a poly coat on top to protect it
- Get/redo crib (Mr. Whimsy and Lindsey) - Still have to  schedule a time for pick up from Rowdy Ramsdens... 
- Set up nursery (Mr. Whimsy for muscles, Lindsey for "oversight")
- Hang up/organize baby clothes, blankets, figure out storage for baby stuff (Lindsey) - I think this will just be an ongoing thing
- Get pantry organized to make room for all new baby stuff (Lindsey) - still zilch

Random Must Do's- 
- Get name changed on drivers license.  Apparently an updated social security card and insurance card is not enough for the hospital.  Looking forward to waiting at DPS for this one! 
- Mail belated graduation/baby/wedding gifts (Lindsey) - sorry folks, your gifts will be in the mail soon... 

 Not Mandatory but Hope To Do:
- Fix up onsies (Lindsey) - I wish but I did sort out the onsies that needed some cute added to them
- Doily lamp shade (Lindsey) -Done!
- Art with bird and Bible verse (Lindsey) - not yet
- Sleep (Lindsey) - Not sure I will catch up on this one for a few years...

And added on 2 weeks ago:
- Make 3 doily lanterns to hang in corner of room (instead of bird houses and light shade (Lindsey) - this should be a quasi easy and fun project but it will be messy so I will probably save it for the weekend.. . not so much easy.  Tried it out and I am still waiting for the glue to hard dry before I will see if it was a success or not.  And I only made 1 of the 3 I wanted...

Last weeks to-do's:
- Pack hospital bag - uggh!  what to pack, what to pack!  there are lists but they do not really detail out the number and types of clothes to bring for Baby Whimsy... in progress
- Install car seat
- Order crib mattress, baby monitor and play yard
- Do some couponing to rebuild my tiny "stockpile" so we have less shopping to do when Baby Whimsy comes - work in progress
- Order needed products for LindseysWhimsys rentals

This weeks additions:
- Set up bassinet in (my) bedroom

We are getting closer by the day!  

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  1. I only brought one outfit for both of my kids - the outfit they came home in. If you have a natural birth then you're only at the hospital one day and if you have a c-section you will be there three days. Our nurses kept our kids in their hospital t-shirt during their stay because it was easier to monitor the baby they said.