Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby Whimsys Nursery Debut

I have finally put forth the effort to both take pictures of the nursery and upload them to my computer!  Quite the accomplishment based on all my pictureless posts lately.

A brief overview of the nursery - all the furniture in this room was redone by me and Mr. Whimsy.  It was a lot of work but really fun to work on together.  I hit up garage sales, other rooms in the house, and friends to put the nursery together (the matchy-matchy store stuff isn't really my style) so it matched the vision I was going for.  We (Mr. Whimsy) primed and painted everything with heirloom white spray paint, then (I) applied a glaze and poly-acrylic to it.  This was a very slow and long process (as you could probably see from my never ending to-do list) but I am really happy, and proud, of how it all came together.  Mr. Whimsy actually spent many evenings while I was sleeping hanging up things, shifting things around and re-hanging up things until they looked just perfect.  Several mornings I had the pleasure to wake up to a more complete nursery (seriously, it was fantastic).  He has a really good eye for room design and item placement.

In the beginning, I knew I wanted to use a light aqua and incorporate some things I have had for a while and haven't found the right home for in my home - namely a vintage aqua lamp that was missing a lampshade, a ton of doilies and a toy box/trunk I got from my Grandma a while back.  I also really wanted to use baby pink and have the room really sweet and feminine.  Apparently I have a thing for blue birds as they seemed to turn up in a couple places in the nursery.  

I took tons of pictures of the individual projects, and at some point will probably do post highlighting some of my favorites, some of my flops, and some of my most challenging one.  Let me know what you think!

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  1. Aw! It is so sweet! Great job, Lindsey and Joe! Malinda will have a beautiful room to come home to! I know you're going to love showing her the room for the first time. I can still remember showing Brazos his room for the first time! Now...we can't wait for Mallie to arrive!