Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home Stretch

We are on the home stretch...  

Pretty much everything (yes everything) is scratched off!  I am so thankful for Mr. Whimsy because he really put in the long and hard hours while I would be sleeping to set up and get things done.  We still have some items on the list but I think we can safely take home baby (car seat is installed), have a place for her to sleep (bassinet is put together), and her room is cute.  Plus her (married) parents will have the same last name on her birth certificate (got my drivers license redone this week).  WooHoo!

Pictures are still to come but here is the latest list!

- Get/redo crib (Mr. Whimsy and Lindsey) - Still have to  schedule a time for pick up from Rowdy Ramsdens... 
- Get pantry organized to make room for all new baby stuff (Lindsey) - still zilch
- Mail belated graduation/baby/wedding gifts (Lindsey) - sorry folks, your gifts will be in the mail soon... 
- Fix up onsies (Lindsey) - I wish but I did sort out the onsies that needed some cute added to them
- Sleep (Lindsey) - Not sure I will catch up on this one for a few years...

We are getting closer by the day!  


  1. let's have a fix up the onesies/organize the pantry party. i'm good at both of those! ; )

    so glad you guys are ready and officially married!!! haha

    now if only those rowdy ramsdens would get on the ball...

  2. SOOOO EXCITED!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of the nursery soon ;)