Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sunday Funday

Mr. Whimsy and I had a "prep for Baby Whimsy" Sunday Funday this weekend.  The day was filled with a tour of the hospital family center, shopping, a lunch date, more shopping and a hunt for the perfect teddy bear.  It was pretty much a great day for me and Mr. Whimsy.

We intended for the day to be centered around prepping the nursery once our tour was over but, I've got to be honest, this was much nicer!  After our tour, I needed to pick up something from the mall and we decided to do a little extra shopping while we were out and about.  Mr. Whimsy has really been an ideal husband throughout my pregnancy, taking on the house and animal chores, not complaining when I don't cook (and I haven't for several months) and generally being supportive.  Yesterday he really showed his loving Dad side, which was so nice after the crazy accomplish/work/scratch items off the list mode that we have both be in for a while now.

He suggested doing some clothes (dress) shopping for Baby Whimsy and even picked out a couple outfits he thought would be cute on her.  Later it was his idea for us to go to Build A Bear to, um, build a bear, which I thought was so sweet (even though we decided not to get one because we couldn't find the perfect softness and design for our sweet girl).  

While we did not finish the nursery yesterday and we only got a couple items scratched off the list, yesterday really put me at peace knowing that everything will come together okay and if it doesn't we can figure it out together.  I know I got short with him and was less than patient several times but he took everything in stride and didn't complain or bat an eye at my crazy mood swings.  

I am very fortunate to have such a loving and sweet husband and I know Baby Whimsy will feel the same way about her Daddy Whimsy.  

Meanwhile, the hunt for the perfect teddy bear continues...

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