Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tailgating Shower

This past weekend Joe and I had a fantastic time at our first wedding shower and it was a blast! The fun event was hosted by my aunts and uncles Elvera, Dot and Dan, Marilyn and Carson, Flora and Tommy, my cousins Kristin and Jared, and dear friends Rodney and Jerri. It was a Tailgating shower which is really fitting for me and Joe.

The shower was super fun but it was kind of bizzaro in that I have not had a party centered totally around me since my high school graduation party, and before that my 8th grade birthday dance (and that was even shared with several other girls). We had family from my moms side, dad's side, Joe's family, friends and we were really the only connection for everyone being there. It takes some getting used to.

The event was held at Marilyn and Carson's new house and was decorated so well.

There were lots of outside games for everyone to play and I have to say my cousin Blaine and I completely dominated the bean bag toss.

Later we opened gifts and were amazed by all the wonderful things our friends and family had gotten us. We are truly blessed to have wonderful people in our lives that support and love us.

While every gift we got is appreciated I want to point out one thing I got from my Grandma. As many of you know I am obsessed with pretty antique glass pieces; my Grandma also loves this glass and has gathered an assortment of it. One piece of hers that I have always loved is a bright green bubble glass pitcher and matching glasses. She got this piece from a friend a while back and has lovingly taken care of it and displayed it throughout the years. At the shower I was incredibly honored because she passed the piece along to me and will cherish it in the future. Thanks Grandma, I love you!

Again, I want to thank everything that was able to attend the shower, we had a wonderful time and appreciate your coming and spending time with us.

The wedding is approaching REALLY fast - 149 days to go, WOW! Get ready for a party!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Celebration Sunday

I love my church, Ark Family Church. It is an incredible blessing to have a church home in Conroe where I feel comfortable and am challenged and inspired by on a regular basis. I never expected to find myself in a church like the Ark - its huge. Golf carts offer rides to the front door every morning, there is a book store AND a coffee shop on the first floor. The church brings in famous singers and authors on a regular basis. Needless to say, the Ark is pretty different then what I grew up attending.

Joe and I both grew up in small churches and started looking for a church home after I moved to Conroe a couple years ago. We went to several different churches found one that we both enjoyed. Then some friends from work recommended that we try out the Ark. Joe and I were pretty skeptical but agreed that we wanted to check it out. The band was phenomenal. The preacher and his wife seemed nice. I liked it already... THEN in the middle of the sermon, Pastor Clayton showed a clip from The Office (one of my favorite TV shows ever). With Michael Scott's smiling face on screen, I knew I had found my new church home. Since the first service we attended, Joe and I have found ourselves more and more happy with the Ark and have seen our spiritual lives grow as a result.

All that being said, the purpose of this post is not just to gush over my church. Its to let you know about a super cool event that the church is having this coming Sunday (Oct. 24). Its Celebration Sunday and singer Chris August will perform at both the 9:30 and 11:15.

At 11:30 the outdoor events begin. There will be tons of inflatable bounce houses for kids, rides, a climbing rock wall, yummy food (including funnel cakes), and much much more. At the Celebration Sunday this past spring I was blown away by all the fun activities available for kids.

I HIGHLY recommend attending if you have kids that can walk but aren't old enough to drive. Its a great event for the entire family.