Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Harvest

Last night I got my first harvest from my garden and it was delish!

I know this isn't much compared to Bobbi Jo's, my Aunt Marilyn's (Kristin's mom), Doug's (Jamie's dad), or the countless other super gardeners out there, but so far my garden is doing a billion times better than it has the over my previous two years of semi-unsuccessful gardening. I am hoping this years the trend continues.

This year I've got the following planted:

Green beans
Peppers (bell, jalapeno and Anaheim)
Tomatoes (several varieties)
And a random zucchini that somehow got planted with the squash

In the past, only my peppers and tomatoes produced anything worthwhile so I am super excited to have such a great start to the season.

Also, over the weekend I did a little construction/basket weaving in my garden. I am very tired of the ugly metal stakes used to hold up (or attempt to hold up) my tomatoes and my green beans. The green beans have already completely over grown their stake and the tomato stakes simply look ugly. I decided to make something a little more organic for the garden to fulfill these needs this season.

Two weeks ago when Joe was doing some MUCH needed trimming to our trees, I asked him to set aside some long straight branches. I then used some jute string from Lowes and my best weaving skills and made these stakes for my green beans and 1 set of my tomato plants
By the way, these are my much smaller, younger tomatoes. My other, bigger box full has the metal stakes and is already filled with tons of green tomatoes - woohoo!

So far I am happy with the visual appeal, I just hope they can can stand up (literally) to the weather and the pressure from my plants. If all goes well, at then end of the season I plan to throw these stakes in the fire pit (no more need to store ugly metal stakes!) and start over next spring

Do you have any gardening tips that made your veggie gardens more visually appealing?


  1. I totally need to benefit from the fruits of your labor because my garden is not going so well. Your veggies looked amazing.

  2. LOVE your stakes! I've been meaning to make some for a while, just hasn't happened.

  3. Stay away from the snakes. they don't look small to me.