Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1 year down, a lifetime to go!

This past Monday, March 26, Mr. Whimsy and I celebrated our first anniversary together as husband and wife.  (We actually got to have 366 days of wedded bliss :) in this first year because of the leap year.)

Our wedding was a beautiful occasion and we were incredibly blessed to be surrounded by our sweet friends and lovinng family members.  Better then the wedding though, has been our time together as a married couple.  

To steal a phrase from my oh-so-cool sister in law (of J+K fame), on our first trip around the sun as spouses, we have:
Seen new and exciting levels of success for Mr. Whimsys company 
Added a new flower bed
Watched my baby sister graduate from college AND get married
Renovated and shuffled furniture around the house
Became office members of The Ark Church in Conroe
Went skiing with the Hafner's
And best of all, found out our family would be expanding with one Baby Girl Whimsy later this year

My love for Mr. Whimsy grows everyday and I am thankful we will get to share the rest of our lives together.  

This next year is sure to bring lots of surprises, ups and downs, wins and losses... as long as it continues to bring our family closer together and our love and bond grows stronger, I believe we will be able to consider it a success.

Thank you again to those of you that love and support us, we appreciate you.


  1. Congrats! Now you're just another old married couple...

  2. Congratulations to two very special people! Thanks for being a part of our lives and sharing yours with us.

  3. Lindsey,
    a girl, what a circle of life! I joined your blog, I am such a dork sometimes about that. Why I have not become a Lindseyswhimshys member sooner I do not know (and you are on my blog list too). I'd love to talk blogs the next time you are in town. Maybe we could do a post together sometimes, it's fun to do (email me).
    You are adorable.

    Success and smiles,