Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Something's In the Water!

UPDATE:: This post had two errors.  First, my sister is due in March, not April.  Sorry Meggo!  Also, a sweet friend of mine (and Mr. Whimsy) is also due. Stephanie and her hubby just found out they will be having a little boy.  Woohoo!  Stephanie is due in February and we can't wait to meet him.  Sorry Stephanie!  

A couple post ago I linked to my sisters new blog announcing she is pregnant and due in April.  

Since her big news, my cousin Kristin (of the re-booted Blue Jeans and Boots) announced she was pregnant.  Actually, her son (my Godson) Colt did - and not just in the picture on her blog.  Right before my Mallie was dedicated and we were waiting in a quiet room Colt sweetly piped up with a "Lindsey, my mommy has a baby in her belly".  Everyone but Kristin and her husband Jared heard and immediately turned to them awaiting confirmation.  It was a priceless moment that I believe Kristin had hoped would happen a little later.  Nonetheless, congrats Kreneks!!!

I also just found out super cute Heidi of Reese's Pieces is pregnant with her second baby.  Heidi's daughter Reese is adorable (frankly the entire family is good looking!) and I know the new addition will be just as sweet.
Me, Heidi and Reese at my wedding 


  1. You are so sweet! And I love seeing this pic...what a beautiful bride you were!

  2. (cough) March (cough) Unless you are wanting me to be two weeks late and then we are no longer friends.

    Congrats to everyone!BABIES BABIES BABIES YEAAA!

  3. WOW that's a lot of babies. Congrats to all!!!
    Sorry I didn't get to make it over to meet Mallie (I was trying out for a HGTV thing that day).
    Sweet post,
    Green Acres
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