Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mallie's One Month!

This past Thursday, August 30, was little Mallie's one month old birthday.  

Today, a month and a couple days she had her 1 month doctors appointment and the numbers are in... she is looking good!

Weight: 10 pounds on the dot - 60th percentile
Height: 20.25 inches - 25th percentile
Head Circumference: 15.5 inches - 90th percentile

So in short (pun not intended), she is a chubby cheeked, healthy girl with a big head thats not so tall just yet

She has grown so much over the past month and is still such a good baby.  Her cries are few and far between, she is more alert and noticing her surroundings more.  She is just as good at running errands and getting in and out of the car with me as she is to hang out at home.  She is starting to hold her head up but sometimes momentum takes over and she looses control of it.  She is starting to smile from time to time :).  

We are not on a schedule - especially in the day time - but she is pretty consistent at night with waking up to be changed and fed - she eats and gets changed at 10pm when I go to bed, around 1 (Daddy Whimsy changes her, I feed her), around 4 (usually she is still dry, just hungry!), and if I am lucky at 7... but sometimes she starts waking up around 6am (and that is not my favorite!).

I got to share my birthday with her one month old day and Daddy Whimsy surprised me with this sign.  The three of us spent the day together, ran a couple errands, had dinner and Daddy Whimsy began work on a project (hobby, not work) that he is super excited about... more on that soon.