Monday, August 27, 2012

Mallie's First Road/Overnight Trip

This past week Mallie took her first road/overnight trip to my parents home in Brenham.  Mr. Whimsys had some meetings that had him driving through town so me and the baby hitched a ride with him.  It was a great trip and Mallie got to meet some people that are super special to our family.  

One of the first trips was to visit my Grandma who was super happy to see her.  She would ask everyone the came through the room (she is currently staying in a retirement home for rehab) if they met her granddaughter - and when I say everyone, I mean everyone from the nurses to cleaning crew to other patients visitors.

Mrs. Maurer and McKenzie stopped by the house to say hello

Mallie also got to meet the Wilke clan.

Mallie and Sweet Macey

Morgan (my BFF) will be a great babysitter for Mallie

 Future playmate Colt

 Aunt Kristin and Mallie

Is that a smile?  

And had her first visit to Silver Wings (my parents business)!

Mallie and Kelcie (Kelcie has to be Aunt Jamie's stand in until Mallie gets to meet her and my brother Kyle)

 Mallie and JP
Mallie and Tyler

And of course she got to see her BeBe and Grandpa!


  1. I love how Happy both your parents are to be grandparents! How proud they are! She is Beautiful Lindsey!

    1. Thanks Jennifer - sorry I missed you on your trip to Brenham! Grandma was so excited to see you!

  2. Replies
    1. That dress was given to Mallie by a friend whose name begins with D and ends with -ise. I agree, its a cute one!

  3. She is so cute! Your grandma was so excited to get to meet her, she had been talking about it since the day she got to Kruse!


    1. Amy - my Grandma LOVES you! She always tells me how nice and smart you are... I tell her she isn't telling me anything new! Thanks for being so sweet to her

  4. Lindsey,
    lots of OOOOOOOoooooooooHHhhhhhhh and AAAAAAaaaaaaaaHHHhhhhhhhhhh's!!!!! She is PreCioUs! You and your family look Over The Moon Happy. Congrats, enjoy every minute.