Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pretty cool kids Christmas gift idea! Only $12!!!

Today Plum District (a daily deal website like groupon) has a pretty neat deal for folks with kiddos.  For $12 (including shipping), you can get 2 personalized Disney books with your kids name, town, birthday, etc. incorporated into the story!  They have a boys package (featuring Cars) and a girls package (featuring princesses).  

This is one of those books that your child keeps forever.   I remember my little sister getting a personalized book for her birthday (or maybe Christmas) and I was SO jealous!

The actual cost is $22 but sign up here and get a $10 referral credit.  Pretty sweet deal I think and would be a great Christmas gift!  I think this deal is for one day only so sign up fast!

By the way, the $10 credit is reduced to $5 on 11/7/11 so you will want to use it fast (if you decide not to get the books).

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