Monday, November 7, 2011

New Kitchen/Breakfast Area Piece

A constant struggle I have had since moving into my house a couple years ago is kitchen storage space.  There just are not enough cabinets and drawers!

This problem was alleviated quite a bit when the handy hubby added shelves to my laundry area, making it quasi pantry space... But I still needed (i.e. wanted) more (I know, who doesn't though!).

I was put in charge of finding a narrow furniture piece that was short and had somewhat of an airy feeling to it.  I was not successful (the husband does not really get that I can't just go to a garage sale and find a specific product).  We wanted to put it against the wall in the breakfast room but did not want it to cover up the window in the room.  We did this previously and it just didn't work.

Side Note : We have a pretty big table in this room that is NOT leaving my house - it was rescued from an abandoned building years ago by my Grandma and renovated.  When she redid her kitchen a couple years ago the table did not have a place to call home so she gifted it to me. (hence the need for a narrow piece).

When we did the furniture shuffle a couple weekends ago, this bookshelf was going to be moved into craft room... then we realized with some paint it could look neat and accomplish our goals of additional storage in the kitchen.  Its tall but its completely open so we thought it shouldn't cause a problem blocking the window.  

Originally we went to WalMart and go Krylon Primer + Paint in one... for the high price for $4.97 a can - outrageous in my opinion.  

We decided to stop by my trusty dollar store to see if there was paint there we could use.  We snagged some cans of super pale green (of course, I am pretty sure green is the only paint color I ever buy) - the actual shade it honeydew melon.  The final cost?  $1.15 a can!  WAY better than WalMart!

After a wipe down, we painted the entire thing green...

Then we brought it inside and realized it looked funny because of the high shelves.  We decided to remove the upper level shelves.  This is not a normal furniture piece, it has a ton of nuts and bolts and little pieces.  Removing the top levels was a little more difficult than expected... but we did it.

I really like it now, it provide the perfect amount of space for some of my excess kitchen items.

What do you think?

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