Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy (late) Birthday Uncle Bob!

My (great) Uncle Bob Blackstone celebrated his 80th birthday recently with a big party at his house. Family and friends from far and wide ventured to his house in Huntsville to celebrate the big day with him.

Uncle Bob is my Grandma (right) and Aunt Josie's (left) youngest brother.

Uncle Bob is known for his great sense of humor, handyman skills, and warm personality.

Along with a big water slide, they brought out a wooden rocking horse for the kids to play with. Uncle Bob made this horse and another one that he gave to my brother. My brother's horse is in storage at my parents house waiting for babies to come around to play on it.

A Blackstone party would not be complete without a game of 42.

The fun party ended with a huge fireworks show put on by my cousin Ben.

Again, happy birthday Uncle Bob, we love you!

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