Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bunnies? Check!

Last week I got some new additions - some really cute bunnies. About two months ago, I told Mr. Doug Maurer, my sister in law Jamie's dad and rabbit extraordinaire, that I wanted to get some rabbits to raise at the house. Doug told me he would breed a momma rabbit for me and give me the the little bunnies. Sure enough, a couple weeks ago Doug let me know the rabbit had 7 (yes you read that right, seven) bunnies that would be ready to go to their new home in three weeks.

Mothers Day weekend I showed up at at the Maurers and left with my 7 bunnies and their big - pregnant - momma.
There were a couple escape attempts by these little guys the first day of having them. Somehow some of them squished their little selves through the holes in chicken wire. Thankfully their cages is inside a larger fenced in area that the chickens stay in so they couldn't get too far. After a few frenzied minutes of searching I found 2 that were introducing themselves to the hens, 1 that was hiding in the holes of a cinder block, and still another that I truly believe was a ninja its previous life. This amazing ninja bunny crawled out of its cage (which is off the ground) and into another rabbits cage. This second rabbits cage is both off the ground and about 3-4 inches away from the cage the bunnies stay in. How it managed to sneak its way into the other cage without the gift of opposable thumbs I will never know.

The ninja bunnie.

Needless to say, after rounding up all the escapees, welded wire with smaller holes was installed around the cage. A week after getting the bunnies everyone appears to be in tip top shape and growing everyday.

Many thanks to Doug Maurer for the bunnies. If you are in the market for rabbits - especially for fair- he is definitely the person to contact.

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  1. ninja bunnie sounds so cool! he was probably trying to direct all the other bunnies to savvy hiding spots as you were frantically trying to catch them all!