Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aprilfest 2010

Aprilfest has come and gone and was a great time with friends and family. Now to relive the memories....

Our theme was 80's/90's and we had 2 great friends take the theme to heart when they got dressed for the day. My dear friend Amanda came to town with her baby Hannah, who by the way is absolutely adorable. Gerber baby look out, Hannah could take your place, no questions asked!

My wonderful friends and family participated in my much hyped up parade around the house. I don't think the parade quite met everyone else's expectations but I couldn't be happier with it!

At the end of the parade, Joe's good friend Glenn was our ceremonial torch bearer and lit the bonfire for us.

Throughout the evening, we found out a couple things about Colt (of the Krenek Klan)... he is willing to work in the garden, he knows how to find the coldest drinks and he likes his bottom cool...

Games were played, drinks were had, friends were made.

A kiss from Colt was a wonderful end to the evening.

To all who missed the fun, hopefully we will see you next year (really, I hope to see you before then but you really should come to next years Aprilfest!).

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