Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Time!

I am a little late posting on Easter but as always, better late then never right?

Easter is always a fun holiday for my family and while this year was a little more reserved than in the past it was still wonderful seeing family. Unfortunately the week leading up to Easter, my mom and her sibling lost their sister Jeanelle. Jeanelle lived in Missouri with her family but was a special part of the Borchgardt family and will be forever missed.

Instead of our usual Easter egg hunt (in which everyone except the aunts and uncles were required to participate) we had a more relaxed back time and my Uncle Dan and Aunt Dot's house. Dot and Dan, along with my Uncle Jimmie, are very active in restoring antique tractors and took us for a hay ride through the pasture. It was really fun for everyone but the best part was spending time with family.
Blaine and Suzanna are my babies... I absolutely can not believe how fast they have grown up. While at A&M I would babysit them regularly, take them to school in the morning, and really just spend a lot of time with them. Since leaving College Station a couple years ago I only get to see these guys over holidays and, man, they are always full of laughs and silliness. They truly make my heart sing when I get to be around them.

My cousin Kim's daughter Kendra is adorable and getting SO big! She is a really smart girl and I wish I got to see her more often.

Colt loved the tractor. End of sentence.

Jamie and Kyle ( were in town from Ohio for the holiday. They don't get to come down as much as we would like so its always a blessing to get to spend time with them.

I think the flowers really made Meggo's fiance's, John, outfit.

Marilyn hitched a ride with Dan on the other tractor. to meet up with us.

We also got to hang out with my Dad's side of the family but unfortunately I left my camera in the car during that event. It was really nice seeing all the Blackstones together.

A while back I saw a super cute idea on Tikaa's blog, and made a mental note that it would come in handy. It definitely did this Easter. This marshmallow bouquet turned out super cute and was WAY easy to make. All you do is dip the end of a marshmallow in white almond bark, then dip the coated part in colored crystal sugar. You don't have to but you can then stick a skewer in the opposite end and florist foam and wala, you are done. Thanks for the idea Tikaa!

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