Thursday, June 24, 2010

No Cake Plate? No Problem!

After (attempting) to make a cake for Joe's big day, I realized I did not have a pretty cake plate to put the finished product on. I've seen tons of cake plates I have liked, I just have not purchased any because they take up too much space in the cabinet. I like to be able to stack things and the pedestal on the cake plate makes it hard to stack.

Something I have tons of is pretty glass plates and other dishes that catch my eye when I am at garage sales. Thankfully I was able to come up with a quick and easy fix for my lack of a cake plate.

All you need to make one of your own is: a pretty plate (that is large enough for the cake to fit on), a glass or ice cream sunday type dish (pedestal not required but its a definite plus), and a hot glue gun.

Note do not use a painted plate or glass.

Place your plate upside down.

Place your glass in the center of the plate (the bottom side). Determine how the glass fits best (it may work best upside down like mine did).

Put hot glue on the plate where the glass will go. I put it on the plate instead of the glass because my aim is not that good. If you have better faith in the sturdiness of your hands, by all means apply the glue directly to the glass.

Place the glass on the plate and push down.

Add more hot glue to any spot that looks like it may need it.

Let the glue cool, then turn the piece right-side up. Wa-la you've got a plate for a cake!

Make sure when you move this plate around that you hold the glass as well as the plate portion of the cake plate, I don't really know how strong hot glue gun glue is.

The finished product. Please do not judge my cake. It looks pretty rough!

Once you are done with your new cake plate, you can unassemble by gently pealing the glue/ glass off the plate.

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