Monday, June 21, 2010

Arbor Day Came Through!

Recently, I got to enjoy my Arbor Day trees in a very tasty way. My peach tree produced some running down the chin juicy fruit. I got exactly 7 yummy peaches.

This is quite amazing to me because it was only a year and a half ago that I scoffed at the twigs that came in the mail when I ordered trees from Arbor Day. While my complete tree order did not survive, this tree makes the entire purchase worth it.

I did not take this picture but the trees I ordered looked exactly like this one when they came in the mail. Pretty rough right???

In fall 2009, the tree was barely taller than my 3ft garden fence (you can kind of see it behind the tub with herbs in it here) .

This spring I got pretty peach blossoms.

Almost there....

And the most lovely of all, ripe peaches!

And I must give credit to another Arbor Day tree - a red maple that is growing REALLY fast! This was one of the free trees that they sent. Its already over 6 feet tall!

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