Monday, June 11, 2012

Pre-Baby To Do List

Mr. Whimsy and I have a bunch to do before Baby Whimsy makes her appearance.  I am 33 weeks pregnant so the time is really getting critical.  I am going to try the accountability thing again and post my list here... Will update next week to see how many things are getting done - and hopefully some items will be scratched off the list (fingers crossed)

Things to do before baby:

Overall Nursery
- Paint nursery (Mr. Whimsy)
- Add woodwork to nursery (Mr. Whimsy)
- Schedule deep cleaning for carpet - wait until after painting and woodwork is complete (Lindsey)
Furniture, Decoration and Organization in Nursery and House (baby specific items)
- Redo furniture - dresser x 2, rocking chair, glider - paint portion (Mr. Whimsy)
- Redo furniture - dresser x 2, rocking chair, glider - glaze portion (Lindsey)
- Get/redo crib (Mr. Whimsy and Lindsey)
- Set up nursery (Mr. Whimsy for muscles, Lindsey for "oversight")
- Hang up/organize baby clothes, blankets, figure out storage for baby stuff (Lindsey)
- Ask Denise (Rowdy Ramsdens) about organza rosette fabric for lamp shades/curtains (Lindsey)
- Clean out cabinet in craft room to make room for things in Baby Whimsy's closet (Lindsey)
- Get pantry organized to make room for all new baby stuff (Lindsey)

Random Must Do's- 
- Mow the lawn (Mr. Whimsy)
- Get last name officially changed, fill new name with insurance (Lindsey)
- Mail belated graduation/baby/wedding gifts (Lindsey)

 Not Mandatory but Hope To Do:
- Fix up onsies y (Lindsey)
- Add doilie "M" to painted canvas (Lindsey)
- Doilie light shade (Lindsey, Mr. Whimsy for any electrical know how)
- Deal with excess garden produce - steam, puree and freeze zucchini for baby food (Lindsey)
- Art with bird and Bible verse (Lindsey)
- Sleep (Lindsey)


  1. i LOVE lists!! how can I help--invite me over and add my name to some of those!

  2. Girl, you've got a lot to do! Luckily a baby only needs a bassinet, clothes, a blanket, and boobies or bottles for about 2 months. So even if her room isn't finished when she's here, just remember you have a month or two to keep on working. Just from your list the room already sounds wonderful! Can't wait to see it!

    1. Uggh, tell me about it Bobbi Jo! Another day down and the only thing that got quasi scratched off the list was sleep... I will get better at this soon! :) I am SO looking forward to seeing you and hopefully Sandy this Saturday!