Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fathers Day Update

Prior to Fathers Day this year I asked you guys if I should do something for Mr. Whimsy or not... I am almost 8 months preggers (gasps!) but without a baby to hold I was not sure what the appropriate actions would be.  You guys said to definitely mark the day so I heeded your advice - thanks!

For Fathers day 2012, Mr. Whimsy go (from Baby Whimsy of course!):

A Willie Wonka Exceptional candy bar with a "Dad" tag under the word "exceptional" (it made sense in person, describing it doesn't really amount to much)
A box of cigars (to be enjoyed and shared once the baby makes her debut)
A Daddy's Girl onsie*
* I actually made this sucker with a plain pink Hobby Lobby onsie, some scrap pink fabric, my Cricut, a sewing machine, etc. etc.  

It wasn't much but it marked the day as a little special and let Dad Whimsy know that I/Baby Whimsy appreciate him 

NOW onto another pressing matter...
Mr. Whimsy turns the big 3-0 this weekend!  I have been a slacker of a wife (especially the last month or so) and have not made special plans to make a new decade.  We have a June-bilee party to go to (we go every year and celebrate about 4 b-days at one time) but other than that I haven't planned anything.  Any suggestions on such short notice???

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