Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thriftyness Pays Off!

A couple months back, Joe thought I was a crazy person because I filled our freezer with about 10 quart sized bags filled with frozen cutie oranges. I had bought the cuties for super cheap on managers special and put them in the freezer.

My hands the scent of oranges for about a week but man was it worth it. Throughout the summer we have snacked on them, added them to smoothies and snacked some more. They are perfect because they are bite size and instantly cooling and refreshing. They were cheap to begin with (I think it was about $1.00 for a bag of like 20) and they are like free (healthy) mini popsicles now.

I love being thrifty but sometimes I don't really seeing it paying off - this is definitely not one of those times! Besides my regular couponing, I haven't found any super thrifty finds lately... what are you doing to be thrifty right now?

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