Wednesday, July 20, 2011

God Grew Tired of Us

The documentary God Grew Tired of Us has been in my Netflix instant queue for about a year now... I am not sure why but I never took the time to watch it (even through its rating for me was 4.7 stars and friends had highly recommended it). Anyway, the hubs and I watched it last night and all I can say is WOW I should have watched it much sooner.

God Grew Tired of Us is an amazing story and provided me with a much needed reminder on the need for sharing compassion, love, and understanding with fellow human beings. Please watch this film if you have not already. The documentary follows 4 of Sudan's Lost Boys as they come to America, experience electricity, grocery stores, flushing toilets and more for the first time - all while remaining dedicated to their families that were left in their homeland.

Here's the trailer:

And the synopsis taken from the documentary's website:
GOD GREW TIRED OF US explores the indomitable spirit of three “Lost Boys” from the Sudan who leave their homeland, triumph over seemingly insurmountable adversities and move to America, where they build active and fulfilling new lives but remain deeply committed to helping the friends and family they have left behind.

Orphaned by a tumultuous civil war and traveling barefoot across the sub-Saharan desert, John Bul Dau, Daniel Abol Pach and Panther Blor were among the 25,000 “Lost Boys” (ages 3 to 13) who fled villages, formed surrogate families and sought refuge from famine, disease, wild animals and attacks from rebel soldiers. Named by a journalist after Peter Pan’s posse of orphans who protected and provided for each other, the “Lost Boys” traveled together for five years and against all odds crossed into the UN’s refugee camp in Kakuma, Kenya. A journey’s end for some, it was only the beginning for John, Daniel and Panther, who along with 3800 other young survivors, were selected to re-settle in the United States.


What are some good documentaries you recommend? Please share!

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  1. Hi, I just found you via la la Lovely.

    I love documentaries, and am always looking for new ones to watch. I will have to put this one in my que. Thanks for the recommendation!