Sunday, October 13, 2013

Been a While, Reflections

So I am reminded (somewhat regularly, thanks Mom!) that my blogging has been less than stellar lately.

I must agree with that assertion.  I could blame it on being busy lately, but who hasn't been.  Could say I haven't had anything to share... but that would be a blatant lie.

The truth is I keep my computer in our "office/guest room" and it is not a very toddler friendly area.  While my sweet little one naps, I am busy doing everything that is... challenging to do with a squiggling child on my hip.

By the time I am done with those projects/chores she is awake and I do my best to stay away from this room lest she play with the files sitting on the floor awaiting a cabinet. Or pull everything out of her Daddy's desk drawers.  Or play with all the fun cords that go into the outlet (they are almost like a puzzle!). You get the point.

So as this sweet, playful, child grows up before my eyes I greedily hoard all her memories, smiles and laughs.  And to be honest, I do not feel that bad about it.

And now, the entire reason you are reading this post... an update on Mallie (she is about 14.5 months old).

She is still a petite munchkin.  At her last doctors visit (2 months ago...) she was in the bottom 7% for weight and bottom 5% for height.  She is growing proportionately, and is both physically and mentally developing fine but she's just a little thing.  She is healthy and that is all we truly care about.  Something we don't care about but is just a reminder how wee she, is the size of clothing she wears - 6-9 months.  Sometimes 3-6 months.  Definitely not 9-12 months unless the sizing is off.  (Secretly I really do not have a problem with this most of the time because she has a lot of cute clothes that she gets to wear more than 1 time.  That may change around Christmas time because I have lots of adorable 12month outfits I would really love her to wear). 

Her personality is developing and we are seeing our some very strong willed behavior come out of our little baby.  Usually this behavior peaks at inopportune times but we try and remember that this fierce steadfastness will be an asset as she develops into a young lady and eventually a strong woman.

At home, we see a little girl that loves to giggle and wants more than anything to make her Momma and Daddy laugh with her.  Once she gets a giggle from one of us (they flow very freely) she will put the behavior on repeat until she distracts herself with another amusement.  She is sweet, and loving and carefree in the way that every little one should be.

Some favorite things for her:
Spinning (herself on the floor or us holding her).  Spinning gets less fun for her when she gets dizzy and falls (I don't think she gets the concept yet).
Us laughing - when we laugh, she laughs.  The cycle repeats.  Pure happiness.

Splashing - she loves splashing at bath time.  She thinks its so funny she can make the water shoot up.

Where's Mallie - we crawl on the floor pretending to look for her.  Then we find her, tickle, love on, etc.  Its good times.
I'm going to get you! - same as above except we chase her around the couch as she giggles.
Dancing and Music - this girls loves music and can't seem to control her head from moving when she hears some.  She has started bouncing her arms to the music as well.  Watch out Ellen!
Being tickled - under her neck and her tummy are very ticklish.

Waving to people - she will wave at everyone until someone wants her to wave then she gives the cold shoulder.
Playing on the couch, her chair, etc.  She loves it.

Some of her favorite things, our not so favorite things:

Dog food - we keep the dog food in another room, door closed as often as possible.  Since we are not into animal cruelty, the door is not always closed.  Mallie tries to get to the room and eat the dogs food whenever she can.  This is getting better.  See the next item.
Pretending to go to the Room to Eat Dog Food - Mallie finds it hilarious to walk towards to room, turn to see if we are watching her, and when we catch her, she giggles.  I shake my head.
Trash - she really likes to open the kitchen trash car and take out whatever she can reach.  Or even more fun is to drop her toys in the trash and hope someone notices.  This could be an issue but so far I have only seen her throw away her magnets.   Getting into everything she is not supposed to - I believe that one is descriptive enough.

Some fun(ny) things for us:
Panting: when we talk about dogs with her she starts to pant.  Like a dog. She will say "g" (dog minus the do portion) and then pant.  Or just start panting when the dog walks towards her.  Or when she see a dog out on a walk.  Once she pants and we say "dog?" she gets really happy.
Clean up - at the end of the day we spend time picking up toys.  I tell her "pick up your blue block" and point to said toy.  She sometimes gets the color wrong, object right (red block) or the color right object wrong (blue ball) but nonetheless she is helping clean up and follows directions. 
and the every best
Sweet Mallie - we say "Sweet Mallie" and she loves on us by putting her head on our shoulder and cuddling.  If we say "sweet baby" she does the same thing with her baby doll.  If we say "sweet dog" she gets down and will hug the dog.  its very cute and loveable.

Kisses - who doesn't love open mouth kisses from their baby????

Some things we are struggling with:
New places, new people - Mallie has a hard time going to new people and gets very shy in new surroundings.  She has been struggles going to the nursery at church (as in she screams loud and a bunch) but seems to be making improvements
Being held - this baby girls likes to be held.  A lot.  And will cry loudly - with tears - if she is not held when she wants to be.  I know this was self inflicted because I hold her a bunch but I am working on it.  It's a struggle for both of us.
Hollering to get what she wants when she wants it.  I know when she hollers she really just needs attention but when I am in the kitchen chopping up onions or jalapenos, its hard to immediately turn my attention to her.
Switching to one nap day - its hard.
Finding outside of the house activities - I am looking for opportunities for M to interact with others but my findings have been a bit lackluster. 

She likes to be read to, eat (berries, boiled eggs and spaghetti are her favorites right now), play with all her toys.  She is learning to blow kisses.  We are working on colors but she knows basic names for toys, her drink, etc.She knows where her nose, hair and "piggies" (toes) are when asked.

So like this long post comes to an end, so too am I reflecting on the end of a stage of my Mallie Bear's life.  At home I am folding up the too small pajamas and dresses, tucking away little baby toys and packing up her bottles.  We are stuffing these things into boxes destined for the attic.  Its been over a year but feels like a mere couple of weeks.  The sweetness of her breath and the neediness of her touch has changed day by day and left me in awe.

The first year with our Malinda Rose was life changing and breath taking.  It has been irreplaceable and unforgettable. As we begin the toddler phase of Mallie's life, I rejoice in our blessings, give thanks for our health, and pray for a bright future for our little Rose. 

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