Tuesday, July 2, 2013

10 Months/May update

My baby is growing so fast!  She hit the double digit month mark with a solid 10 months under her belt. May was a month of messes for us.  Between scooting and learing to crawl, Mallie was all over the place, getting into everything!

She added 2 teeth this month and how she has 3 on top and 3 on bottom.

We spent a lot of time picking and eating blackberries this month.  Like her momma, Mallie loves berries!  Our daily jogs quickly become daily walks and then just berry picking sessions as they come into season.  Yum!

Baby Jack came to visit for Louisiana!  Hes a sweet baby and you can keep up with him on Megans Merry Go Round blog.


At ten months, she loves water - I made a makeshift pool for her to splash in on hot May days (no worries, since then she has gotten a "real" baby pool!).

Bad hair day...

We went to the (in)famous SprangThang outside of Brenham

She also began rice crackers and other baby finger foods and she is a fan.

She is an animal lover.  Mallie LOVES our dogs.

This month has been all about moving; she struggled the first half of the month with wanting to crawl...
and then...
She officially started crawling May 12 and nothing is safe in the house.  The dog food, electrical plugs, magazines and my green mason jars are like magnets for her.  If I run to the kitchen she zooms over to the stairs/china/other not baby friendly things. 

Mid May she started pulling her self to stand on her own.  I found this out when I went to get her one morning and was greeted with her happy face looking over the crib... later that day we lowered the mattress!

 Standing in the crib was exciting but also brought on a world of new issues - especially at nap time.  I would put her down, she would fuss and stand up and cry.  Then she wouldn't know how to sit so she was be stuck standing and crying... until she fell asleep standing.  Then her head would jerk and she would wake up, start crying and the cycle would start ALL OVER.  My rule is she has to stay in the crib for at least 1 hour during her nap times.  Unfortunately she would cry throughout her hour "nap" and that made for some hard afternoons (happily we are over that now). 

We honored America's fallen heros on Memorial Day and played with Cousin Jack again.

Play date with Mallies BFF Monroe (Monroe's mommy keeps up the Rowdy Ramsdens blog).

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