Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blackberry Jelly?

I picked some blackberries while at my parents house this past weekend. I LOVE blackberries and picking them is pretty much an annual adventure for me. Unfortunately the drought has led to a reduction of the number and quality of berries this year but I managed to get a big bowlful.

I have always eaten the berries fresh although my Granny would make pie and my Grandma makes cobbler. Everyone loves Grandma's cobbler but personally I am more of a pie type of gal. I just can't seem to let my yummy fresh berries go to make a pie... and the one time I tired to make one I failed miserably.

Today I stumbled across the blog The Blind Pig and the Acorn... its a pretty neat, I recommend checking it out. Anyway, because of this post, I am now inspired to make blackberry jelly. I have NEVER done this before and will need to pick quite a few more berries when I go home for Easter BUT I think I may give it a go (maybe).

So, blog readers, do you have any tips, recipes, or jelly making advice? I am all ears!


  1. Today I labeled my blackberry jam. We didn't have any drought here, but we did have a nice run of sunny weather leading to good blackberries -- the woods are full of them. I browsed for a picture of some blackberries to create labels with and found you blog. Your jars look just like mine down to the white and brass rings. Hope you have fun with the jelly and all the rest.


  2. Paul - Thanks for posting! I am very jealous of you and your jam! Our blackberry season was pretty dismal - short and few and far between (we've been in almost a year long drought here).

    Enjoy the yummy sweetness on some buttered bread for me!