Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wedding Spotlight :: Bee

As my wedding day approaches, I am growing more and more thankful for the people that are involved in the wedding and for the role that they have had in my life. Over the next couple of weeks I plan on highlighted some of these special people on the blog.

First up is Bee.

Note: This baby is not Bee's, she is Hannah, my friend Amandas baby.

Bee is a thoughtful friend that I always know I can count on. I met Bee about three or four years ago; she was in a relationship with Joe's brother, Carlos. Carlos passed away in 2009 but thankfully Bee has stayed in my life. Bee moved to Texas from California and it was very amusing watching her adjust the the different culture of our great state. Don't let her tiny size fool you - girl can eat! Bee will be a bridesmaid in the wedding.

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