Monday, February 7, 2011

String Around Your Finger :: Roses

Its time to prune your roses!

Its easy to remember the time of year to prune because its always around valentines day. I knew this week and next is going to be SUPER busy so I pruned a week early. Nevertheless, please let this post serve as your string around the finger reminder to prune your roses this week.

There are tons of videos to show you how to if you are uncertain or just need a confidence booster. Here is one that its really popular:

The main thing I got from the videos I watched was reassurance that I really can't kill the rose bush and the reminder that they need to be cut WAY back.

Now that my roses are done I need to get on the next garden task, which is... you tell me! What should I be doing in the garden/yard this time of year?

Happy pruning!

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