Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting Started

So I have been wanting to start a blog for a while, primarily to document my first years (and adventures) of home ownership (I bought my house in 11/08), raising chickens and other surprises along the way. Several times I have made home improvements to the house, got my first chicken egg (that really only happened once), or created a new flower bed and thought gosh, I really should do a better job at documenting these moments. Finally I decided I would create a blog if for nothing else then to have a scrapbook to look back on for my own memories.

So what will this blog consist of? My whimsy's of course! More specifically, I plan to include updates to the house, stories about my dog and the chickens, garage sale finds (or as Joe would say, my "spoils"), and ideas I find inspiring along the way.

To start, here are a couple pictures of my house from this past year. It was a really hard summer on my new grass because of the lack of rain, but the grass finally started perking up and trying to spread towards the end of the summer. Hopefully next year will be better for the lawn.

House Spring 09

Garden Spring 09

At the end of the summer I added 2 pallets of grass to increase the size of my immediate lawn. It has taken pretty well considering the big freeze we got but we will see for sure in a couple weeks.

Garden Fall 09

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  1. Welcome to the blog world! No pressure, but I am looking forward to being inspired by the clever things you create; the awesome "spoils" you find; and whimsys you share! - Lauren