Friday, May 17, 2013

March Update

In March our family made a major change - I left my full time job to spend more time with Mallie and focus on LindseysWhimsys.  It was pretty scary making the jump but it was a great decision and I am very thankful to be spending more time with my baby girl.

The highlight of March came on the 9th when Mallie took her first out of start trip to the swamps of Louisiana.  After a couple naps and lots of playing, finally we got to meet her new cousin, Baby Jack Michael (Jack's mommy is Megan of Megan's MerryGoRound).

During March, Mallie's diet increased... but her like of food decreased.  In the middle of the month she started refusing to eat chicken and banana.  She loves our dog Mackie and playing outsider is her favorite.  She has started sniffing and scrunching up her nose when she is excited... when you sniff back at her she thinks is hilarious and returns the sniff... its a silly game.

Mallie took her second trip to Warrington and was a great tag along shopper. 

And of course, pictures in the bluebonnets!  Mallie met the Easter Bunny and later loved picking up eggs during an Easter Egg hunt.  She did not do a very good job holding onto the eggs but she sure did try!

At the end of March, Mallie became a 8 month old baby!  Time flies when you are having fun!

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