Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pregnancy Roller Coaster

Wow!  I had no idea pre-pregnancy what a roller coaster the first 14 weeks of "being with child" could be!  I have ranged from emotional highs to complete breakdowns, eating nothing but goldfish crackers and nilla wafers to quasi full fledged meals.  The spectrum of feelings (physical and emotional) is like a never ending wheel - meaning whenever I am at one point on the wheel I know, at some time in the (probably very near) future, I will be at the exact other end.

Take this weekend for example.  I officially became 14 weeks pregnancy, 2nd trimester pregnant on Monday.  Over the past (pre-week 14) several weeks, I have generally felt pretty much less then stellar.  I had been in an almost constant state of nausea and have wanted nothing to eat besides pretty much unhealthy food (i.e. chili cheese fries!  REALLY?  I do not recall the time I genuinely wanted chili cheese fries at Sonic beside the past 14 weeks!).  Exercising has been out of the question... I just don't have it in me.  

Then came this past Saturday, a beautiful, glorious day.  I woke up feeling fine (amazing), went garage sale-ing with a good friend, ate something healthy (as salad! I have not been able to eat a salad in weeks!), and decided I felt well enough for a jog/walk around the neighborhood.  It was GREAT!  I felt healthy, happy to be moving, and unstoppable.  The thought "wow if this is what the 2nd trimester feels like, bring it on!" actually crossed my mind.  The wonderful day was wrapped up with a nice dinner date at Saltgrass with the hubby.  It was really a great day.  

Sunday morning I was determined to make the goodness last.  I had a breakfast of grapes and strawberries (yum!) and did some stuff around the house before it was time to head out.  15 minutes after my good, healthy, breakfast, I promptly got sick.  Very very sick.  The queasy feeling did not go away for the rest of the day.  I told myself "its okay, I just overdid it yesterday... the second trimester starts tomorrow and when it does, its going to rock!"  

Then came Monday... and Tuesday... and today, Wednesday... the icky feeling has still not passed.  I am pretty sure (aka - I am constantly praying) it will though.  Unfortunately Mr. Whimsy (the hubby - get it? my blogs name is Lindseys Whimsys... so that makes him Mr. Whimsy... anyway...) got the worst of my emotional low point yesterday.  And when I said he "got" I mean he enduring my crying non-stop saying "its supposed to be better, I am in the 2nd trimester now!  Why?!?!?".  Fun huh?  Especially for him (I am not a very pretty crier).

Anyway, today, as the nausea lingers, I am confident will be the last day of the first trimester blues.  It will get better.  I will make it through this.  I repeat, it will get better.  I will make it through this.  And if you made this through this long, depressing blog post, bless you.  Like I will end of on the  feeling like its the second trimester side any minute now, my blog post will also end up on the happy, woohoo, things are WONDERFUL side as well.  Very soon.  Perhaps in the next minute or so.  

To my mother and other child bearing women - I admire you.  

Also - despite the negatives mentioned above, I am very excited about bringing a baby into this world, growing the Whimsy (see, I did it again) family, and I KNOW we are incredibly blessed by God to have child in our lives.  I promise the next post (which will come sooner then this post did) will be more on the positive side!  


  1. Hang in there Lindsey! Focus on all the fun things that come with a baby...nursery decorating, picking a name, buying super cute clothes, getting to walk around the store and register for all the things you need {actually, a baby doesn't need much...alot of the stuff is so unnecessary}. I'm excited for you and hope you feel better soon! The hardest part is still yet to come...delivering that sweet baby! {Unless you have a c-section, then it's a piece of cake.}

  2. Lindsey, It will be alright. I promise that when you see and hold your baby, all this will seem like nothing to endure for the "joy" you'll feel.


  3. Pregnancy is full of highs and lows. Enjoy the highs when your in the midst of them and call a friend who is going through the same when your in a low. Misery & Pregnancy love company!

  4. Man I bet you feel bad for making fun of me all those months! It will get Bobbi Jo said, focus on what is to come. You are so stinking crafty that this baby is going to have the best and most colorful life. I love you so much and cannot wait to meet this little Whimsy!

  5. I'm due two weeks before you and had the worst 1st trimester. I threw up every day - most days multiple times - for 6 weeks. Now I'm in my 2nd trimester and it wasn't as if someone turned a switch. I had a few good days, then a couple bad, then a few more good days. Now I'm feeling a lot better but it didn't suddenly happen when I started the 2nd trimester. You'll get there and I'm hoping you're feeling better already!