Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RFI :: Request for Inspiration

I got a ton of the little bottles from a friends mom over a year ago.

Somehow she found them and dug them out of the ground so they were pretty dirty when I got them.

I've cleaned them but don't have a picture of them all clean and shiny... this is halfway there though!

They are old medicine bottles and they are all pretty small (ranging for 2 to about 8 inches). When she gave them to me, I was certain I would find a billion fun uses for them... but I haven't found one yet (to be fair, I forgot about them for about 11 of the months....). I've looked on Etsy, I have checked out blogs and still inspiration escapes me. Any ideas or suggestions?

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  1. Check out this blog post! I thought it was super cute, more of a beachy approach on things to do with old bottles...but some cute ideas in general.