Monday, March 21, 2011

Wedding Spotlight :: JoAnna

JoAnna and I grew up together, starting at First Baptist, but truly solidified our friendship in high school in the Sonic parking lot. My friendship with JoAnna is deep, accepting and fun - I think I have shared more laughs with JoAnna than anyone else.

Throughout high school we simply had fun. I think our motto was generally to hell with everyone/thing else, lets just do what makes us happy. This means we had lots of Hawaiian Punch, inside jokes, and crazy nights in Wal-Mart (Brenham is a small town).

We ventured to Mexico on our South Padre trip with Tessa, we snuck out on our girl scout trip to Cancun, went to dances every weekend and truly had a blast going through high school. Since going to different far away colleges, we unfortunately to do not see or keep in touch as much as I think we both would like. Despite that, JoAnna is a lasting, loving and understanding friend. I appreciate and love her and am thankful she will be in my wedding.

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  1. You must enjoy sneaking out of places, because I remember sneaking out of our hotel room on a cheerleading trip. We went to watch some guys play soccer in the gym. And I remember trying on evening gowns in the mall. Why did they make us go on that trip?