Thursday, March 4, 2010

Now Enjoying Christmas Goodies

This weeks beautiful weather combined with my garage filled with Christmas gifts meant for the great outdoors prompted me to get some work done in the yard. I was able to clear the grass along the side of my house (for those of you who have been here, its the side you see when you drive up to my house). I created a new flower bed and hauled in some good dirt because the ground is all horrible clay over there. Last year a friend gave me a ton of monkey grass - so much that I ended up dumping some near the creek at the house. About 2 weeks ago I was really happy to see that the monkey grass made it so I pulled some of that up and planted it along the edge of the new flower bed. I also planted a new Encore Azalia and Camilia plant. I am excited to have this new space to grow things and hope it turns out somewhat in line with what I am envisioning.

The most exciting part of this process was putting out all the fun yard goodies I got as Christmas gifts this year. My sister in law Jamie Hafner ( and her dad made me an awesome bottle tree. I absolutely love this - not only because of how cute it looks but its a great excuse to drink more wine (I have to fill up the tree after all!)!

I will always remember my Granny's cement hen and chicks she had in front of her house. My aunt Marilyn gives Granny's hens and chicks a home today, but I have always wanted some of my own. My parents found me some this year and surprised me with it at Christmas. What a great gift! My version consist of a rooster and 3 hens and they have found a home in front of my garden (hopefully these will be the only chickens near my garden this year!).

My cousin Kristin ( and Aunt Marilyn completely look care of my yard this year with all sorts of fun goodies. These little guys are made up of re-purposed tools and are just too cute.

I fell in love with this flower at this past years Nutcracker. My aunt Marilyn took notice and surprised me with it for my yard. I love it!

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  1. cute!! makes me want to go our and start pulling weeds in order to make my yard cuter!